Larison Creek Trail #3646 Mountain Bike Trail

  • Address:
    Forest Service Rd #21
    Oakridge OR 97463
  • Phone:

This relatively tough loop begins with tight switchbacks, rock chutes, gnarly roots, tricky creek crossings, and plenty of smooth swoopy sections in between. Then it’s more technical patches, a couple uphill grunts and then after 3 miles, the trail joins Larison Creek. Here the temperature drops and you’ll notice a vast array of trillium, old growth, and lush Oregon flora.

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  • Parking:
    • Limited Parking
  • Pets Allowed - Restrictions may apply:
Trails & Routes
  • Difficulty:
    • Moderate
  • Natural Points of Interest:
    • Lake / Reservoir
    • Old Growth Forest
    • River
  • Trail Details:
    • Dirt / Bark Path
    • Point to Point Trail
  • Trail Length:
    • Long (over 5 miles)
  • Trail Users:
    • Hikers / Runners
    • Horseback Riders
    • Mountain Bikers