Take home memories, photos and stories from your Eugene visit — and bring your family and friends that missed out on the trip, a special gift unique to Eugene! Here is a list of the best and most popular mementos to take home as souvenirs and gifts.

1. Tie Dye 

Anything tie-dye from a t-shirt to running socks to, yes, even toilet paper. Tie dye is the quintessential expression of Eugene's hippie heritage and ongoing out-there, innovative attitude. Even if you missed the Oregon Country Fair, you can shop for colorful clothing and materials at the weekly Saturday Market

A booth full of tie dyed apparel at the Eugene Saturday market

2. Duck Gear

From football to track to basketball to baseball, and more, the University of Oregon's sports program is worth cheering for! And proud students, alumni and faculty wear the Duck colors everywhere. Shop the The Duck Store for the latest styles and trends in hats, t-shirts, bags and more. And yes, finding a tie-dye Duck t-shirt is the ultimate score!

The UO Duck at Hayward Field 2021

3. Running Shoes

This is TrackTown USA after all! If you are ready for a new pair of running shoes, you might as well be able to say "I got these in Eugene, Oregon!". Many people know the Nike origin story (pick up a copy of Phil Knight's book Shoe Dog!), but even if that isn't your go-to brand, you can shop a diverse selection of shoes at the many local running stores. Eugene is the Heart & Home of Track & Field and there are many track mementoes from coins immortalizing Steve Prefontaine to TrackTown USA hats.

Running Shoes at the Nike Store by Melanie Griffin

4. Euphoria Chocolate Bars & Local Candy

Everyone loves chocolate! Euphoria Chocolate Company is a local chocolatier that crafts truffles and chocolates — including sizable chocolate bars wrapped in beautiful Eugene illustrations. And for those Legend fans out there... take home Sasquatch Doo... a sure sign Big Foot was there just before you. Euphoria Chocolate has several shops around town including at Market Alley and Oakway Center.

For even more sweetness, visit Coburg Candy Company to explore confections from across Oregon.

5. Yumm Sauce

Okay, what's this? Find out before you go! Like chocolate, you'll need to figure out how to keep the Yumm Sauce cool while traveling, but this delicious and habit-forming condiment makes rice and vegetable bowls an exhilarating meal. Cafe Yumm is a local regional chain of healthier quick foods that keep the Eugene community moving. Yumm Sauce is sold at their restaurants (from Oakway Center to Market Alley) in large jugs or small jars so you can re-create delicious meals at home.

6. Will Leather Goods' Handbag 

Fine quality leather and workmanship that catches the eye of fashionistas around the world is sold out of the Will Leather Goods box car at 5th Street Public Market. This renowned producer of wallets, purses and other leather goods is based right here in Eugene!

Will Leather Goods

7. Fine Wine, Spirits or Craft Beer

Share the taste of the Pacific Northwest with family and friends back home. When you sit down to show photos and tell stories, open up your favorite bottled beverage from one of the region's many tasting rooms and pour drinks all around. The local distilleries offer small, easy to pack sizes; Alaska Airline ships a case of wine from participating wineries for free (confirm with the airline); or you can explore the shipping options of local brewers, vintners and distillers. 

8.  Essential Oils & Fragrance

Beyond patchouli, there are a rainbow of essential oils in Eugene. The small store Uncommon Scents in the Meridian building has been mixing their own blends for decades. And the wholesaler Mountain Rose Herbs has an enchanting "aroma bar" in Market Alley! Browse an array of scents to discover those you love best and take home a scent that makes you feel good!

9. Wood

Eugene, and nearby towns, identify with old growth forests, the timber industry, and "tree hugger" reputations! Urban Lumber in Springfield brings all this together with their unique artisan manufacturing. This company is a master crafter of reclaimed wood, transforming fallen timber into artistic tables, chairs and other furniture. If taking home a coffee table is too cumbersome, settle for a gorgeous bowl for your next kale or fruit salad — or just remember your factory visit by sporting a logo hat!

10. Anything from the Made in Oregon Store

The quick, all-in-one place souvenir shop is the Made in Oregon store at 5th Street Public Market. Here you will see a smattering of Oregon Duck gear, artisan crafts and jewelry, Euphoria chocolates, hazelnuts, black berry jam, canned crab or smoked salmon, fine wines and craft beer and all the other bountiful goods from this region. Looking for Big Foot? You can find Sasquatch merchandise here, even if you haven't spotted him.

Plan Your Next Visit

The best gift you can give yourself is your plan for a return visit! Pick out where you want to stay, what you want to do and where you'd like to eat again — and this time add on a few more days and bring those family members and friends that didn't make it this time. There is so much more exploring awaiting you.