Annual Events Calendar

Renowned annual events and festivals draw visitors from around the world to the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. Dedicated non-profits, event organizations and private businesses facilitate these beloved traditions, working with local vendors, volunteers and communities. Learn more about the highly esteemed gatherings, signature galas and sports events held across the region.

Browse the calendar below to see which annual events have been confirmed for the coming year.

Make this the year you unearth truffles, see Queen Rhododendron crowned or dance to the beat of… More Info

Festival & Event Organizations

These industrious and committed organizations manage and market a variety of small to large events that are enjoyed year after year. Contact them to inquire about volunteer opportunities, sponsorships, vending and entertainment gigs.

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Annual Events Calendar

Plan your event or next visit around these confirmed, reoccurring events from sports competitions to cultural celebrations to markets.