The Eugene, Cascades & Coast region has a lot of waterfalls. Plenty of rain feeds magnificent rivers and gushing waterfalls. Each season enjoy the falls' ever-changing beauty during spring melts, fall color and winter snow.

Top Waterfalls

These are some of the very best waterfalls to visit! We've selected these waterfalls for their beauty, unique features, year-round consistency and accessibility.

More Waterfalls

Each waterfall offers a unique experience. Most are just a few steps, an easy hike or a short drive off main travel corridors. When scouting waterfalls, remember to bring your camera, drinking water, comfortable shoes and sunblock or bug repellent as needed. Park passes may be required in some areas. Please be alert to seasonal snow or road closures. During colder seasons, some waterfalls may only be accessible via snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Call our visitor center staff for help in checking conditions daily at 541.484.5307.

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