Dunes City

Dunes City is the perfect mix of sand and water. Siltcoos Lake and Woahink Lake lay surrounded by miles of Oregon's rolling sand dunes. Dunes City is six miles south of Florence.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area stretches for 40 miles (64 km). It is the largest coastal sand dunes in North America. The sandy terrain is popular for off-road vehicles (we recommend a dune buggy ride!). Visitors come here to hike, bird watch, take photos, stargaze, walk on the beach and camp. Jessie M. Honeyman State Park is nearby, a popular place to camp right on the edge of the dunes.

Siltcoos Lake is Oregon's largest coastal lake, covering 3,200 acres (1,295 ha). Fish for trophy-size bass, perch, salmon and trout. Several state fishing records have been set here! Launch a boat, kayak or canoe into the lake's tranquil waters and paddle the Siltcoos River Canoe Trail. Around the lake and its tributaries are a network of nature trails. Birders and mushroom hunters enjoy its cool evergreen forests. A sparkling collection of jewel-like lakes in the vicinity include Woahink and Cleawox.

Freshwater creeks empty into the Pacific Ocean, supporting intricate silty ecosystems. Discover mixed water marshes and peer into coastal tidepools. Bring a bucket for clamming and join locals harvesting the ocean for shellfish. For additional local assistance contact Dunes City visitor information.


  • Set up basecamp at the foot of the sand dunes near freshwater lakes.
  • Meander back to the simpler days in the Historic Westlake District. 
  • Stargaze from the tranquil dunes, blanketed in unbroken darkness.
  • Watch wildlife and birds in the silty marshes.
  • Glide along canoe trails, tread wooded paths or meander wide-open beaches.
  • Plunge down 500-foot sandbanks on an ATV or dune buggy!
  • Go wild pulling up trophy-size fish from verdant coastal lakes.

About Dunes City

Historic Westlake District

In the 1950s National Parks were being designated. To skirt eminent domain laws, the coastal residents incorporated. By 1963, Dr. E.S. Strong hosted the first Dunes City council meeting at his Woahink Lake house. The first Mayor was Phil Himmel.

Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon

In the spring, Dunes City hosts the Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon. This is Oregon's first open water triathlon of the season. The race routes include the clear waters of Woahink Lake, coastal roads and trails and the dune's sandy slopes.


Dunes City - 1,454

Source: 2021 Population Research Center, Portland State University


Dunes City

  • 82877 Spruce St, Westlake OR 97493
  • P: 541.997.3338