Hayward Field

Runners, both the athletes and the fans, consider the University of Oregon's Hayward Field as a cherished destination for track and field. Since 1921, the field's first track lanes — fashioned on ground originally dedicated to football — spawned generations of track legends.

World Athletics Championships Oregon22

The World Athletics Championships was at Hayward Field in 2022 — this was the first time this event took place in the United States.

Hayward Field Track Renovation Rendering

A Reimagined Hayward Field

Over the years, Hayward Field has been updated, upgraded and expanded. Now, with consideration for future track events and UO's prestigious ongoing track programs, Hayward Field has undergone an incredible renovation. The stunning new stadium graces Hayward Field with innovative design and thoughtful tributes to the history of this momentous site. For full renovation details, visit the UO Hayward Field website

Hayward Field at University of Oregon

Photo: Courtesy of University of Oregon

The new stadium seating has a capacity of 12,500 seats with temporary seating up to 30,000. The stadium offers an open and airy design with sightlines from the street to the field. Full amenities for the athletes include locker rooms, equipment rooms, training rooms and treatment facilities. It is truly a marvel of design and a celebration of both the athlete and the track fan.

A dramatic nine-story tower shaped like a torch houses private offices for athletes and staff, topped off with a 360 degree observation deck. The deck is not open to the public, nor optimized for views of the track below, but the belvedere offers unobstructed sightline to the greater community. The tower's exterior is clad with a perforated metal panel capturing the portraits of five Oregon track and field greats — coach Bill Bowerman, Steve Prefontaine, Raevyn Rogers, Ashton Eaton and Otis Davis.

There is also a 4,000-square-foot museum in Hayward Hall at the base of the tower, which memorializes UO's former track coaches and all the local track athletes, records and competitions. This impressive, detailed and thoughtful exhibit includes interactive components, a short film, a selfie station and artistic re-purposing of salvaged green wood from the former stadium stands. From the trophies to artifacts, this is a worthy visit for any track enthusiast. 

A Stunning Masterpiece

Hayward Historic District

The surrounding neighborhood boasts local ice cream shops, restaurants and breweries; the UO campus; and quiet tree-lined residential streets and shady parks. After any large track and field event, athletes can be spotted indulging in a scoop of ice cream at Prince Pucklers or cooling down on the forest trails at Hendricks Park.


Hayward Field

  • 1580 E 15th Ave, Eugene OR 97403

Hayward Hall

  • 1580 E 15th Ave, Eugene OR 97401


A Continued Historic Legacy

It is not surprising to see visitors get weepy visiting Hayward Field for the first time. And when one attends a meet here, an enthusiastic fan base fills the seats, roaring for track and field athletes like no other community across the nation. The appreciation for running reverberates here — you can feel it.

Hayward Field During Olympic Trials by Dave Thomas

Hayward Field during the 2016 Olympic Trials before the renovation.

Photo: Dave Thomas

Bill Hayward was UO's first track and field head coach. Over his 44 years he coached American and world-record holders, with nine of his athletes going to the Olympics. His coaching prowess was followed by Coach Bill Bowerman also known for turning out amazing champions and Olympians.

A statue of Coach Bill Bowerman, dedicated in 2000 outside the former Bowerman Building, now stands with stop watch in hand in front of turn three near the northeast entrance.

Hayward Field has earned its significant reputation by hosting numerous NCAA Championships, the National Masters Championships and decades of Prefontaine Classics and other world-class events. The U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track and Field were held here in 1972, '76, '80, 2008, 2012, 2016 and will be again in 2021. It has also been the home track for athletes on the road to greatness — from Steve Prefontaine to Ashton Eaton, many American and world-record holders have trained here.

The Eugene community also has a great fondness for Hayward Field. For many years the Oregon Track Club invited visitors and residents of all ages and abilities to compete in their annual "All-Comers" meet here. And traditionally, the Eugene Marathon's finishing line has been at Hayward Field.

Steeplechase by Buzz Summer

Steeplechase at Hayward Field

Photo: Buzz Summer
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