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Best Eugene Coffee Shops by Neighborhood

Published: December 06, 2018

No matter where you are in Eugene, you are never far from a delicious, Instagram-worthy latté. That is why we asked our Instagram followers to choose their favorite coffee shop in each of Eugene's neighborhoods. Add each of these locations to your Eugene bucket list and discover what makes the locals so loyal to these cozy hang-outs. 

Noisette desserts by Melanie Griffin
Noisette Pastry Kitchen by Melanie Griffin

Downtown Eugene

If there is any doubt about how much Pacific Northwesterners love coffee, downtown Eugene proves that love is real. There is no shortage of sweet shops offering a heavenly cup of coffee here, but the local favorite is Noisette Pastry Kitchen. Order a latté with their hazelnut syrup made in-house or a creamy mocha using their fresh ganache. The concentration of cute coffeehouses means you are guaranteed to find something you will fancy, so try some other downtown favorites like Perugino and Meraki Coffee Co.

Vero Espresso House coffee by Melanie Griffin

University Neighborhood

It is no surprise that the University of Oregon campus is surrounded by a plethora of quick and delicious coffeehouses. Oregon Ducks and University area residents stay highly caffeinated with the help of Vero Espresso House. Visitors to Vero enjoy Stumptown Coffee served with a smile in a charming old home. The large deck provides the ideal outdoor seating space for summer months. Espresso Roma has also been a staple for UO students rushing to grab something warm to sip on between classes and is conveniently located just steps from campus.

Fifth Street Public Market by Melanie Griffin
Coffee at 5th Street Public Market by Melanie Griffin

Market District

The Market District is a quickly growing neighbor to downtown Eugene and the Whiteaker. The Market District offers fine dining and shopping but also has some of Eugene's best coffeehouses. The voters in our polls chose Marché & Le Bar as the top spot. This French-style sit-down restaurant also has an annexed coffee shop inside the Provisions Market Hall. Try their café au lait served in a bowl and a flaky croissant. The newest addition to the Market District is Farmer's Union Coffee where fresh beans are roasted in a charming old mill building. 

Sweet Life Patisserie by Melanie Griffin
Sweet Life Patisserie

The Whiteaker Neighborhood

The art and counter-culture hub actually has many names. Sometimes called "The Whit", this neighborhood is also making a name for itself as a destination for lovers of craft beverages. You may also hear this neighborhood called the fermentation district because of the many breweries, wineries and distilleries here. But the Whiteaker also serves up some exquisite coffee. The favorite among our voters serves more than just a good cup of coffee. Sweet Life Patisserie is pure decadence. Find the perfect sweet treat to accompany your coffee here with options for gluten-free and vegan folks. You'll also love Equiano Coffee for their small-batch roasts and wonderful LP record collection and Wandering Goat which has been serving organic and sustainable coffee to the neighborhood for many years. 

Hideaway Bakery by Melanie Griffin
Hideaway Bakery by Melanie Griffin

South Eugene

South Eugene is a residential area with hiking trails throughout. Even here, Eugenians need their morning cup. Locals voted for Hideaway Bakery as the favorite in this neighborhood. Hideaway really shines in the winter when visitors can enjoy their two indoor fireplaces and heated outdoor seating. The star here is the "world tour" drip coffee and an orange cardamom pinwheel. On Saturdays, their parking lot hosts a year-round Farmer's Market. Another popular spot to try in South Eugene is Metropol Bakery.

Coffee Plant Roasters by Melanie Griffin
Coffee Plant Roasters by Melanie Griffin

Westside Warehouse District

The Westside Warehouse District is a mixed commercial area that is full of local secrets hidden among the warehouses such as a collection of urban breweries and wineries, a decadent chocolatier (Euphoria Chocolate) and Coffee Plant Roasters. Although you can enjoy CPR's organic, specialty coffee at many locations around Eugene, their coffeehouse is definitely worth a visit. Try their cold brew on nitro and artisanal avocado toast.

Perugino Coffee by Melanie Griffin
Downtown Springfield

Located a mere five minutes from the University of Oregon is charming downtown Springfield's Main Street. This area has undergone a renaissance in recent years and has become a very popular rendezvous for Eugenians. That is why we had to include it on the list. Our Instagram followers voted for Washburne Café as a top spot. Grab an iced Americano and one of the area's best chocolate chip cookies.


Find more great coffee shops and bakeries across the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region.

Author: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Melanie is a University of Oregon graduate who studied Cultural Anthropology and Cinema. After finishing school, she worked as a touring concert photographer for many years before expanding into writing concert and album reviews for online publications. Melanie is now the Content Manager for Travel Lane County. She has lived in Eugene for more than a decade. She has also lived in California, New Mexico, Florida, Spain and Slovakia but loves Oregon the most.

Melanie enjoys exploring the vibrant arts and culture scene in Eugene.  She also loves painting, cooking for friends, dancing, hiking and buying too many house plants. Follow her Instagram for Lane County's best kept secrets.