It's that time of year to start bringing your yard to life — from flowers to trees, from veggies to fruit. The Willamette Valley is a bountiful destination for gardeners seeking heritage seeds and plants, tools, supplies, and tips from master gardeners.

Our many small farms and vineyards paired with passionate local chefs and artisans foster our region's outstanding farm-to-table reputation. And with our plentiful farmers' markets, everybody can enjoy a flavorful meal at home too. But what if those crisp lettuce leaves, juicy tomatoes, fragrant herbs and sweet berries came fresh from your own yard?

Explore the possibilities with a pleasant trip to a local nursery. Browse rows of fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, ground cover, blooming flowers, herbs, succulents and vegetable starts. From finding the right fertilizer or composting system to adding the charming touch of wind chimes or a bird bath, here are some of our favorite places for garden dreaming, planning and shopping.

Territorial Seed Company - Cottage Grove

This organic regional seed company, with decades of careful seed selection and cultivation, is a mega-draw for serious gardeners and gardening fans. The Territorial Seed Company's simple storefront in Cottage Grove is the gateway to some pretty amazing gardens. You can purchase their quality seeds online or shop in person for starts, plants, gardening supplies and gifts. A visit to their website includes garden plans from around the world, gardening videos and digital products for keeping track of your own garden plot.

Down to Earth - Eugene

This historic warehouse in downtown Eugene is jam-packed with gardening supplies, nursery plants and everything for a gourmand's dream kitchen. The store is located in the historic "Mill" building and browsing the voluminous gardening room at Down to Earth is a fun experience. Shop for quality and classic tools and organic products. Their website also offers plenty of "how-to" articles and gardening tips.

Farmfancy - Coburg

Farmfancy is exactly what its name indicates — this charming Coburg store has everything you could want for your own garden from fruit trees to starts, but additionally they feature indoor plants, fresh-cut flowers, holiday gifts and chic decor. Expand your nursery shopping with antique shopping, since Coburg is known for its extensive collections and a trip to nearby farms for a deeper dive into the farming life.

Eugene Backyard Farmer - Eugene

Eugene Backyard Farmer is geared toward raising chickens and other backyard compatible livestock, but if you love a well-rounded outdoor scene, you'll want to shop here too. Along with bulk beddings and grains for livestock, they carry a small collection of gardening and homemaking products, some nursery starts and beekeeping equipment—all designed for the urban homesteader. But the star attraction is baby chicks and sometimes ducklings in the spring!  Come visit the cute peeping feathery fluff balls, and chances are you too will end up building a chicken coop in your backyard this summer.

Fox Hollow Nursery - Eugene

Tucked in next to Dari Mart in Southeast Eugene, Fox Hollow Nursery is quintessentially "Eugene". This one-man show features a jungle wonderland of lush green plants cultivated by Mike Kaszycki. This is one of the best places to get local insight on gardening.

Gray's Garden Centers - Eugene & Springfield

Gray's has two large nurseries thick with every type of plant you might want. Shopping here has the added thrill of feeling like you are strolling through a garden with budding trees, draping trellises and thick green ground cover. A bonus of the Eugene location is that immediately next door is a beer garden, just right for enjoying a cold craft brew after a long day of garden planning.

Wild Birds Unlimited - Eugene

Not technically a garden store, this paradise for bird lovers is a great place for gift shopping or for enhancing your garden with birdsong. Wild Birds Unlimited has a large selection of bird feeders, bird feed and bird baths. Just have a plan for protecting your berry crops!

GloryBee - Eugene

GloryBee no longer maintains a storefront but you can still shop their beekeeping supplies online. For the best garden possible, you'll want to have birds or bees ready to help pollinate, so beekeeping may be a great addition. Find out everything you need to know about getting started on their website.

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