Mexican cuisine is wonderful comfort food, reminding me of being with family, holding celebrations, or enjoying the company of friends. Eugene - Springfield offers many restaurants – seriously, so many – for great Mexican food. There are some national and regional chains, Americanized spots and authentic eateries. There are traditional sit-down restaurants, food carts and trucks, markets and drive-thrus. This round-up is just a few favorite and well-deserved highlights.

Chapala Mexican Restaurant

For a family gathering, Chapala is the restaurant you're looking for. Their location at Oakway Center has an outdoor patio for dining, while their Willamette and W 29th Ave location in South Eugene offers a full bar. Warm up with tortilla soup on those chilly winter days, or one of their several enchiladas for an option that's classic yet always tasty.

Chula's Restaurant and Cantina

You can rely on Chula's for great Mexican food for dine-in and takeout. Try out their margarita pitchers when you bring a group with you during happy hour on a sunny day and sit out on the patio. Their homemade flour tortillas are the perfect touch to their family recipes. Chula's will be the ideal spot for those spending most of their time around the University of Oregon campus.


Tacovore is conveniently located in the Whiteaker neighborhood close to breweries, wine tasting rooms, distilleries and bars. It's great for a date night or a night out with friends. Their cantina has beer and wine, cocktails and margaritas. With Tacovore, you can order one of each different taco, so you can have more control over the portions and try out their various creations. They also offer tortas, starters, sides and salads.

Nelson's in the Whit

Also in the Whiteaker neighborhood is the mouthwatering Nelson’s in the Whit, as well as their next-door food cart Nelson’s Taqueria (a must-stop for a breakfast burrito). Look for the neon red sign on your walk down Blair Boulevard, and you’ll spot Nelson’s! Order a mojito with a big plate of nachos for a delicious dinner.

Ranchito Grill

Consistent and beloved, Ranchito Grill is here to leave you in good spirits. For example, see how many uplifting quotes you can find scattered on the walls. The atmosphere is colorful and high energy, modeled also by the presentation of their traditional Mexican cocktails. Their dinner menu has ample variations of the Mexican food staples you’re hungry for, even sometimes adding new dishes to try out. One visit may not be enough!

Enchiladas at Ranchito Grill

El Buen Sabor

El Buen Sabor is welcoming Oaxacan cuisine to Eugene. Their gorditas crunch with every bite and each ingredient comes to the forefront, making a dish you may have eaten before seem brand new. As one of their many vegan options, you can order vegan gorditas instead. If you’re searching for a filling meal to get your day started, try out the breakfast blanda with scrambled eggs.

El Buen Sabor Mexican Restaurant

Dos Hermanos Taqueria

If you’re craving fast food, do yourself a favor and go to Dos Hermanos Taqueria instead. Even with swift service and a drive-thru, Dos Hermanos Taqueria is so much more than fast food. One of their more popular dishes, the carne asada fries, are just as finger-licking good as they sound. With a menu full of fresh ingredients and flavorful dishes, you'll just have to come back to order something new.

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