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Top Scenic Views on the Oregon Coast

Published: June 30, 2022


Watching the Oregon Coast's weather roll in and out over the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a dance of dazzling beauty and fearsome power. Gazing at sea gulls swooping below you as you peer from the rocky cliffs or looking across jagged gullies to the reassuring brilliant flash of a red-roofed lighthouse — these are the visual wonders that define a trip to the Oregon Coast.  

Sea Lion Caves

At the Sea Lion Caves Turnout, just south of the tunnel on the highway, check the rocky ledges below for lounging sea lions. Spotting them outside is best May through August. The rest of the year the sea lions are more likely seen inside the Sea Lion Caves which requires an admission fee to take an elevator down 200 feet into the cave. Check the video monitor in the gift shop before going down to preview the cave's current occupancy. However, going into the cave, even with a low sea lion count, is a pretty cool adventure. 

Heceta Head Lighthouse

The iconic Heceta Head Lighthouse is a popular photography stop on the Oregon Coast. Not only are the views lovely from the park itself, but just south of the lighthouse is a roadside pullout that offers views of the classically charming lighthouse from a distance.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Photo: Thomas Moser

Highway 101 Turnouts

The Muriel O. Ponsler Memorial State Scenic Viewpoint is not a particularly high vantage point but it provides a pleasant picnicking spot overlooking a sandy beach. Access the beach from the park for a little beachcombing where several rocky creeks merge with the ocean.

Bob Creek Wayside by Jerry Gowins

Bob Creek Wayside

Photo: Jerry Gowins

At Cook's Chasm Turnout just south of Yachats the ocean waves and shoreline create two spectacular water "features". "Spouting Horn" shoots water up through a hole in the rock like a fountain at a children's splash park. "Thor's Well" is a deep hole in the midst of tidal pools that the water rushes down as if someone had pulled the plug on the ocean. Stay far back, off the rocks, as these natural displays are unpredictable and dangerous. But from a distance they are impressive to watch.

Cape Perpetua

Drive the winding road to the top of Cape Perpetua for the highest viewpoint accessible by car on the Oregon Coast. On a clear day, see out to sea nearly 40 miles and look along 70 miles of coastline. From your 800 foot perch, hiking trails will take you downhill to the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, tide pools and the beach. 

Cape Perpetua coastline view

Photo: Melanie Griffin /

Scenic Viewpoint Map

Viewing tips

Oregon Coast by Taylor Higgins

Oregon Coast Views

Photo: Taylor Higgins

When you visit, make sure to take the time to stop and observe. Luckily, Highway 101 along the Oregon coastline is recognized as a National Scenic Byway for its natural beauty and has convenient roadside parks and turnouts. Leisurely travel the stretch of highway from Dunes City to Cape Perpetua, pulling over to enjoy the panoramic vistas. Some of the parks offer benches and picnic facilities. Popular activities include whale watching, marine wildlife observation and birding, as well as storm watching and sunsets!

Check the sunset times, tide tables and weather reports so you can time your visit for optimal viewing. Or just take your chances to see what show nature chooses to offer. You may get a misty cloud bank or a jaw-dropping glimpse of miles of pristine beaches. Be sure to bring your binoculars and your camera.

When pulling into a scenic lookout turnout use caution. Other drivers may be backing out or pulling in at the same time. Open car doors cautiously — there may be surprisingly strong gusts of wind that tug at your doors. Go up to the barriers for the best views and photography but do not cross them. Cliffs may be unstable further down and treading there is not only unsafe for you but could harm native plants and critter habitats.

Oregon Coast Sunset by Jesse Lally

Oregon Coast Sunset

Photo: Jesse Lally
Author: Taj Barnhart Morgan

Taj Barnhart Morgan is the Director of Content Strategy for Travel Lane County. A journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, Taj has two decades of special event management and hospitality marketing experience in San Diego, CA and Maui, HI. Passionate about mothering, and back to her Oregon roots, she is discovering the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region all over again through the eyes of her daughter.