Stewart Covered Bridge

Stewart Covered Bridge has weathered its share of challenges from heavy flood waters and snow fall. Though badly damaged multiple times, this bridge was repaired and used until the 1980s.

Today, accessible to pedestrian and bicycles only, Stewart Bridge is a must visit stop for cyclists along the Row River Trail. A popular swimming hole is below the bridge.


The bridge has semicircular portal arches, ribbon openings at the eaves and decorative s-curve brackets. In 1964 flood waters cracked the lower chords. Then a few years later a heavy snowfall caved in the roof. In 1980, the Stewart Bridge was bypassed by a concrete bridge built immediately adjacent. In 1987 efforts to preserve the historic wooden bridge included fumigation, removing an approach and fencing off the remaining portal.

Steward Bridge remained closed until 1993, when the Oregon Covered Bridge Program helped fund its restoration. It was reopened for pedestrian access in 1996.

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Built in 1930, this 60-foot (18 m) bridge was open to vehicular traffic until 1982, despite heavy damage from weather. The Stewart Covered Bridge has been restored and is now a…