If it's vintage, you'll find it in Coburg! This tiny historic town is adjacent to Eugene - Springfield, right off Interstate 5 and bordering the McKenzie River. Its delightful 1800s architecture, coupled with the surrounding farmland and access to fantastic outdoor recreation, makes Coburg an attractive destination for visitors.


  • Shop the Coburg Antiques District features high-quality antique shops and multiple antique dealers. 
  • The Coburg Quilt Show features over two hundred hand-stitched quilts. Buy one to remember your visit.
  • Grab a pie from Coburg Pizza Company — a pizzeria that draws people from all over. 
  • Explore the back roads around Coburg for cycling, horseback riding and lazy Sunday afternoon drives.
  • Visit nurseries and u-pick farms.
  • Sip wine at Hayworth Wine Bar's front porch and watch small-town life happen on the main street. 

RV Haven & Restful Getaway

Nearby campgrounds, popular with the RV community, are quick to fill in the summertime. And during Duck football games, Coburg is an excellent place to stay - close to Autzen Stadium.

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Friends sit in white rocking chairs in front of a wine bar on main street in charming, historic Coburg.
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Coburg Pizza on Main Street.
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