Asian markets are popular among foodies and those who want to add a little dash of something special to their meals. With many of them selling products you won’t find in your regular grocery store, it’s no surprise at all that they are enjoyed and frequented by those within the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community and beyond.

The Eugene - Springfield area is home to some great Asian markets — you just need to know where to look.

For the uninitiated, shopping at one of these stores for the first time can be a daunting task. First-timers and beginner shoppers will come across tags and product labels spelled out in different languages, and will be inundated with seemingly similar products from various countries. On top of that, it’s easy to fall into the trap of generalizing all of these markets as selling the same products from Asia.

But fear not! Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping at an Asian market:

  • If you are shopping for a specific recipe, study it carefully and be aware of regional distinctions. For example, soy sauce from a Japanese brand will be vastly different from soy sauce from a Filipino one.
  • Be on the lookout for signs! Asian markets often have helpful signs that will narrow your search by country and type of product.
  • To help overcome the language barrier, use apps like Google Translate to help read the labels on products that do not come with an English translation. Some apps, like Google Translate, come with an especially helpful function that lets you use its camera function to translate writing directly.
  • Keep in mind that not every Asian market will contain the same products from the same regions. For example, some markets have a bigger stock of Taiwanese items than they do of Korean products.

Need help finding out which markets in the Eugene - Springfield area are most likely to hold the product you were looking for? Read on to learn more about the markets in our area!

Eugene Asian Market

503 E 11th Ave, Eugene

The centrally-located Eugene Asian Market is one of the more easily accessible markets due to its convenient location, easy parking and the friendly staff who are happy to help you find what you need. If you’re feeling snacky, they have you covered. With snacks and treats from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more, the Eugene Asian Market is a hotspot for snacks galore. They also have a wonderful selection of fun and unique drinks that you are unlikely to see on the shelves of other grocery stores.

Sunrise Asian Market

70 W 29th Ave, Eugene

Sunrise Asian Market is a popular choice of Asian grocery in town. It’s no wonder why. The market boasts a wide assortment of products, ranging from fresh meat and produce, to tasty snacks and sweets, frozen foods and more. They also offer a generous selection of housewares, so you can cook, serve and eat your delicious meals in the most authentic way possible. It is a great bet for those seeking East Asian cuisine. And along with a quantity of Korean products; Sunrise also stocks an impressive selection of Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese items. Included in their diverse inventory, you will also find lots of South Asian groceries.

King’s Asian Market

2100 W 11th Ave, Eugene

Located on West 11th Street, King's Asian Market is easy to find and is a great choice for enthusiasts of authentic Taiwanese, Chinese and Cantonese products. King’s also offers shoppers with an impressive selection of East and South Asian goods.

Uptown Asian Grocery

1460 Mohawk Blvd, Springfield

Uptown Asian Grocery is the only store on this list located in Springfield. This is the place to go if you’re looking for food, drinks, and snacks that come with a taste of the Philippines. Shopping at Uptown is an easy and accessible experience. Though not as large as its counterparts in Eugene, they serve a variety of fun snacks and drinks you may have never heard of before. Treat yourself to “Stick-o”, the chocolate- and strawberry-flavored wafer sticks we Filipinos enjoyed during our childhoods, or skip the instant noodles tonight and help yourself to “Pancit Canton”, easy-to-make noodles with an unmatched savory flavor.

Vishnu India Imports

135 E 29th Ave, Eugene
Vishnu India Imports Grocery Store

Vishnu India Imports is another small, but mighty, Asian store in the Eugene area. Independently owned, they are a great source of South Asian products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat dishes and frozen goods, treats, ceremonial products, household basics and artisan handcrafts. 

Market & Cultural Calendar

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month and there is a special night market held this month in downtown Eugene. Vendors also display and sell Asian wares during the annual Oregon Asian Celebration, now held in Alton Baker Park in late July. Check the events calendar for pop-up Asian markets and cultural festivities. 

Oregon Asian Celebration

The annual Oregon Asian Celebration features traditional and contemporary performances, music, arts… Read More