Indulge in the comforting smell of freshly baked bread along this bakery loop in the Willamette Valley. While gluten-friendly/free options may occasionally arise, this is a tour indulging in wheat.


With so many amazing bakeries here... you might never leave the city limits, but to be a total bakery aficionado, you will need to do a little driving!

In Eugene alone, start with five stops around town... pick a theme like bread or pastry or cupcake to sample a little at each. Not all bakeries offer everything, so be prepared to be flexible and enjoy which each individual bakery specializes in. You can always freeze your baked goods for later too!

Here are the must-visits:

Noisette Pastry Kitchen

Ahh... the French! This classic pastry shop is reminiscent of a Parisian cafe. Noisette Pastry Kitchen must-haves include the mozzarella, basil and sundried tomato sandwiches on a fresh baguette, their homemade pate, the goat cheese biscuits, tarts and of course, the croissants. Check their online bread schedule to see what is fresh from the oven today!

Provisions Market Hall & Provisions South

Like a European marketplace, the bustling vibe in this sprawling downtown location inspires lingering over your coffee to enjoy the scene, shopping for fresh produce and bicycling home with a baguette. You can also do all your gift shopping here, and if you aren't careful, come home with all new kitchenware for your home! Provisions' baked goods include baguettes, macarons, muffins, scones and tarts. And you can also get hot breakfasts, full take-home meals to go and a variety of deli sandwiches, salads and pizzas. There is also a smaller cafe in South Eugene.


If you are still excited about France, Metropol is the local royalty of baguettes — stocking their daily loaves in all the local grocery stores. But just because this is an obvious place to pick up your bread and get your coffee, don't forget to check the counter case for an array of tarts, cakes and meringues.

Southpine Bakery & Cafe

Tucked into North Eugene, Southpine prides its self as a "makery", going beyond their bread baking to top biscuits, bowls and toast with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. Come here for lunch sandwiches or pick up a loaf on your way to your next ramble through wine country.


Just a hop, skip and drive across the bridge and you are in the historic downtown of Springfield, Oregon — inspiration for the TV series "The Simpsons". Meander the many boutiques and eateries, including a stop in their best bakery!

Main Street Sweets

Affectionately known as "The Pie Shop", this family owned bakery focuses on sweet treats like pies, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Pair a cup of hot chocolate or a delicious latte with a slice of pie in the cozy shop, or take home a whole pie for after dinner. Children always want to tag along to Main Street Sweets to point out their favorite treats!


Now take your bakery tour into the Willamette Valley. Just shy of 30 minutes north of Eugene - Springfield is the small town of Creswell — known for its air strip, its golf course, its seasonal farmers' market, a handful of shops — and its bakery! 

Creswell Bakery

A foodie destination if there ever was one, Creswell Bakery bakes up farm-to-table goodies alongside golden loaves of bread. Their ciabatta bread is a favorite with its crisp crust encircling a soft and airy inside, perfect for made-to-order sandwiches. Anytime you drive south of Eugene, this is a must-visit stop.


This is an optional detour which will add some significant time to your bakery loop (approximately two more hours), or this visit can be saved for another day as a specific destination. You may be heading to the mountains for snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, foraging or other outdoor rambles — but if you are a bakery fan, make sure to stop in town for a taste of the local loaves.

Lion Mountain Bakery

Right off Highway 58, Lion Mountain Bakery provides the perfect excuse to stop and stretch your legs. Pick up a small batch, hand-formed loaf of bread and also a cup of coffee and a breakfast or lunch special.


Back in the Willamette Valley, this tiny country town bordering Eugene along the highway toward the Oregon Coast, also draws quite a crowd to its local bakery. If excursions for boating, birding or wine tasting tempt you in this direction, make plans to pick up your picnic fixings in town.

Our Daily Bread Restaurant

Our Daily Bread bakery sprang from an old church kitchen in Veneta. Now on Sundays, the line out the door is for the heavenly brunch. Enjoy freshly baked treats or full breakfasts under the colorful glow of stained glass. They bake pies, cakes, bread loaves and much, much more. Stopping here is a guaranteed way to perk up any travel trip, especially if you are heading to the coast.

Junction City

Smack in the middle of wine country, this heavily agricultural area appeals to cyclists, wine aficionados and those seeking a delightful drive in the country. Circle the metro area by driving this way for your bakery round-up.

Cycling at Camas Country Mill

Camas Country Mill

This is the grand finale of your bakery tour because Camas Country Mill doesn't just bake the bread and treats you want, they grow the grain! And mill it! In fact, many of our local bakeries use their flour because they are local and offer a wide assortment of grains, both organic and conventional. Shop the Camas Country Mill storefront and enjoy their homemade baked goods.

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