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Road Trip Playlist

The Eugene, Cascades & Coast region is full of beautiful back roads and designated scenic byways, making it the perfect road trip destination. From Eugene, you can day trip past Americana-style red barns on the gently winding roads of wine country. If clear, rushing rivers and ancient forests are more your speed, drive east into the Cascade Mountains. For salty air, gorgeous coastline and temperate rainforest, take your road trip west to the Oregon Coast.

No matter which direction you go, we've curated a playlist of some of our favorite local music that will help you enjoy every moment of the journey. This collection of Eugene artists covers many genres with one thing in common: a love of place.

Learn more about some of the well-loved Eugene artists you can expect to hear on our playlist. Find a new favorite, then scroll to the bottom to see the full list.


Japanese Breakfast


Japanese Breakfast is a fun indie pop band fronted by Michelle Zauner who grew up in Eugene. Her first album along with her book "Crying in H-Mart" reflects her time spent in Eugene caring for her mother. Since then her sound has evolved. Japanese Breakfast gets a lot of hometown love anytime they play in Oregon but they are truly loved around the world for their unique style and energy. 


Sol Seed


Reggae band Sol Seed has been a local favorite for a long time (voted Eugene's Best Band five years straight). They tour the country regularly in their van nicknamed Falcor the Luck Wagon but when they come home, Eugene fans remind them why this city is such a great place for music. "As performers, we are super blessed out here," explains bass player Benny Pezzano. "Eugene is so community-oriented and people love and support local music in a way that really keeps us going and validates our passion and path as musicians trying to create more positivity in this world."

Mat Kearney


Mat Kearney may now live in Nashville, selling platinum records and writing songs that touch people all over the country but he and his music style grew up in Eugene. Not only that but his love for Eugene can be heard throughout his music. Eugene is still the place that he calls home. And Eugene loves him back. Ever been to a Ducks football game at Autzen Stadium when they didn't play his song? Me either. 

Lafa Taylor


Lafa Taylor has toured the world with his music and worked with plenty of big names (Bassnectar, Beats Antique, The Polish Ambassador and more) but, like so many Eugene artists who leave, he still sings about home. In the video above, he refers to so many iconic Eugene places and experiences. Locals love to sing along to this one and giggle at those inside jokes we all share from living in this amazing and unique place. Lafa's music is a seamless blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music which appeals to a broad audience. 

Fortune's Folly


Fortune's Folly is a high-energy band shaking the Eugene music scene. Lead singer Calysta Cheyenne is a powerhouse in the vein of Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt days but with a uniquely Eugene twist. She is constantly in motion, pouring everything into her live performances. "On any given night in Eugene, you can find something special happening in the music scene," says Calysta. "We have a great diversity of both venues and artists to fit any taste. It's a wonderful place to be a performer because of the love, support and engagement that people around here show - not only from fans but also between bands who respect and cooperate with each other. We are proud to have shared the stage with many of Eugene's varied bands. The future of the Eugene scene is bright and we are lucky to be a part of it."

Soul Vibrator


Soul Vibrator is every Eugenian's favorite local band to dance to. Miles Albert, the band's bass player, explains what he loves about the community: "Eugene is jam-packed with musicians from all genres: funk, hip-hop, reggae, rock, etc. The amount of talent that resides here is remarkable but what makes it special is simply the power of creativity and strong community. Players from all bands and backgrounds come together to create something new almost every day, pushing each other to become great and fluid with their craft. Our scene is all about helping each other grow so that we can all become stronger, better players but also to become the best people we can be." You can often catch Soul Vibrator at a community event in the streets. They are the band you call if you want to be certain that everyone in the crowd will enjoy the music. 


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