Tamolitch Pool (Blue Pool)

  • Address:
    Off Hwy 126, 14 miles (22,5 km) east of the Mckenzie Bridge
    McKenzie OR 97413
  • Phone:

Temporarily Closed June 15-19, 2020 for maintenance — closure impacts McKenzie River Trail between Trail Bridge reservoir to Tamolitch Falls. Located along the McKenzie River Trail, Tamolitch Pool (or Blue Pool) was once a waterfall that flowed into a pool. Now the waterfall has been diverted, and the water comes up through the porous rock in the pool. Tamolitch Pool is a great place for hikers to visit and enjoy a picnic lunch. The water is a brisk 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2,8 degrees Celsius), so swimming is out of the question. The pool is so crystal clear you can see to the bottom of most of the 30 foot (9,1 m) deep pool.

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  • Parking:
    • Limited Parking
  • Pets Allowed - Restrictions may apply:
Trails & Routes
  • Difficulty:
    • Moderate
  • Facilities at Trailhead:
    • Toilets
  • Natural Points of Interest:
    • Old Growth Forest
    • River
    • Valley
  • Trail Details:
    • Dirt / Bark Path
    • Point to Point Trail
  • Trail Length:
    • Medium ( 2-5 miles)
  • Trail Users:
    • Hikers / Runners
    • Mountain Bikers