Eugene, OR - The World Athletics Championships Oregon22 will fill areas hotel rooms with visiting fans, coaches, media, sponsors and volunteers from July 15-24, 2022. As we prepare to welcome thousands of visitors for this and other events in 2022, Travel Lane County has developed tools we can all use. Become a Champion World Host!. As someone who lives, works or plays here, you are important to the experience our visitors have and regardless of where you work, you are part of the hospitality experience. Sign up for a free 7-day crash course to learn all about the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region! You'll become a local expert and discover fun things to do and places to see along the way. At the end, take a short quiz to test your knowledge and receive a free voucher to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

In addition to filling commercial lodging, our visitors are filling area short term rental properties. Many people may not be interested in preparing their entire home to rent out, but it’s easy to make a room or two available. You’ll meet interesting guests, make extra cash for a home project or a vacation, and help our region keep more visitors close to the action. If you live in Eugene, please note that you will need to register (it’s free) to participate in the short-term rental marketplace. Learn how to list a room or your house through Airbnb or Vrbo

Travel Lane County has also been working with lodging partners outside of Lane County. These properties are accessible through our booking site and nearby locations in Roseburg, Corvallis and Salem are viable options. Check our WCH Oregon22 accommodations page for all the options.

Keeping visitors and residents informed about WCH Oregon22, the Eugene Riverfront Festival and all of the opportunities for visitors to tap into will be easily accessible via a QR code that will link to our World Athletics Championships Oregon22 webpage. This QR code is being distributed to front line staff at area hotels, on transit buses, at welcome tables and through many restaurants and other businesses. Anyone can make this QR code available by simply downloading and printing out the half sheet or poster found here.

To learn about tickets, volunteer opportunities, education programs, vendor opportunities and more, please visit the WCH Oregon22 site. For the latest information on the exciting plans for an unmissable community celebration be sure to visit Eugene Riverfront Festival.