In an era where time is our most precious resource, why spend hours battling traffic on I-5, paying exorbitant parking fees, and enduring endless security lines? It's high time you reimagined your travel experience by choosing the convenience of Eugene Airport. With affordable parking, hassle-free check-in, swift security clearance, competitive fares, and a plethora of flight options, FlyEug emerges as your superior travel choice. But there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team at Eugene Airport works tirelessly year after year to expand airline offerings. Their multi-year efforts often yield unexpected benefits, transforming the travel landscape for residents in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region.

The ongoing rivalry for the top spot in market share at Eugene Airport is a testament to the fierce competition between the carriers. Southwest Airlines is leading the way as it has continued to expand its services to and from Eugene Airport. Travelers can now enjoy convenient flights to Las Vegas, Oakland, San Jose, Burbank, Denver and daily service to San Diego was added in 2023. In June 2024, Southwest will add daily flights to Sacramento, California!

Southwest Airlines

 United Airlines, renowned for its connections to major hubs in Denver and San Francisco, introduced its Chicago flight as a seasonal redeye in 2022, although regrettably, this service hasn’t returned in 2023. As the University of Oregon Ducks join the Big Ten conference in 2024, hope springs eternal that United will reinstate this service and add to it in future years. 

Alaska Airlines remains unwavering in its commitment to connecting travelers to the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Alaska completely replaced its turbo-prop aircraft with more efficient jet aircraft and remember “wines fly free,” so encourage visiting friends and family to take home a case of award-winning South Willamette Vally Wine. Delta Airlines maintains vital connections, offering a gateway to various cities across the U.S. through its Seattle route and popular Salt Lake City flight.

American Airlines provides seamless connectivity to the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region from the southwestern United States, Mexico, and South America. In addition to their existing Los Angeles and Phoenix-Sky Harbor connections, daily service to Dallas/Fort Worth has been providing a convenient non-stop option. These sought-after destinations offer southwest residents a convenient escape from the summer heat, beckoning them to explore our region for wine tasting, fishing, golfing, and more.

Allegiant Air is adding a new route from Eugene to Austin , TX beginning ay 31, 2024. The service will kickoff with one way fares as low as $79. Allegiant plays a pivotal role in providing year-round connectivity to Las Vegas, Phoenix-Mesa, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Furthermore, they introduce seasonal services, such as San Diego (starting in May) and Palm Springs (commencing in November). While Allegiant operates less than daily service to these destinations, with a bit of planning, these budget-friendly flights provide fantastic opportunities to invite family and friends to visit throughout the year.

Air travel across the nation is undergoing significant changes due to ongoing challenges, such as pilot and plane shortages. However, for residents in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region, there's good news. Eugene Airport has experienced a remarkable 50% increase in total seat capacity since the pre-pandemic era, leading to record-breaking enplanements. The addition of new airlines, routes, and destinations has prompted many local travelers to reconsider the lengthy two-hour drive to Portland International Airport. Recent surveys demonstrate a notable shift in preference toward choosing Eugene over Portland.

To accommodate the growing number of travelers, a parking expansion has been completed, alleviating previous overcrowding issues. To further ease congestion, consider carpooling or being dropped off when traveling with family, friends, or colleagues. While convenient check-in and security screening remain an advantage, it's essential to note that the days of arriving just 30 minutes before your flight are a thing of the past. Plan on being at the airport 90 minutes early for early morning and mid-day flights.

Capital projects, like the new Quick Turnaround (QTA) rental car wash and staging facility, will continue to occur in the coming years. The crown jewel of the improvement plan will be the addition of Concourse C. Learn more about the terminal expansion


The Eugene Airport is committed to inclusivity and accessibility for all passengers. The implementation of hearing loop technology makes it an excellent choice for travelers with hearing challenges, while overall accessibility ensures that people of all ages and abilities can move comfortably within and around the airport. The Eugene Airport's additional programs focus on the needs of their guests and include the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, therapy dogs, a short-story dispenser, the Gallery at the Airport and more.


Choosing to FLY EUG enhances your travel experience and supports the growth and improvement of air services in the region. Isn't it time to FLY EUG?!