The World Athletics Championships Oregon22 is only months away and the pace of planning is accelerating like a sprinter in the home stretch. The number of elements, from transportation to experiences for visitors and athletes, is too many to tackle in one blog post and so today we focus on accommodations.

Athletes will take part in an athlete village on campus at the University of Oregon campus. Area hotels and short-term rentals are being used for spectators, media, sponsors, officials and volunteers. Additionally, campgrounds and temporary RV villages are also available. Metro area hotels are filling, but properties outside of Lane County have availability, which may be accessed through Travel Lane County’s online booking system.

Taking the Long View

Travel Lane County encourages its lodging partners to take the long view when it comes to pricing. Some events are one-time events, but other events are looking to return to our region next year and the year after. A big factor in these events returning is lodging prices. Our visitors are sensitive to prices, and while they expect prices to be higher than normal, being treated fairly will go a long way to how visitors talk about their experience when they get home. We want them to rave about all aspects of their visit to the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. Whether you operate a hotel or motel or rent a room or your entire house through a short-term rental platform, we encourage you to take the long view when you price your facility for coming events.   

Spare Room or Whole House?

Short-term rental platforms provide opportunities for owners to offer a room or an entire house. We have many great short-term rental hosts in the area, but these properties are filling quickly. Many people may not be interested in preparing their entire home to rent out, but it’s easy to make a room or two available. You’ll meet interesting guests, make extra cash for a home project or a vacation, and help our region keep more visitors close to the action. If you live in Eugene, please note that you will need to register (it’s free) to participate in the short-term rental marketplace. Learn how to list a room or your house through Airbnb or Vrbo

Be a Champion Host 

Travel Lane County wants all of us to be Champion World Hosts. There are so many great opportunities to direct visitors to experience, that we should all sharpen our knowledge of the destination and the events happening throughout the year. Our team has put together the Champion World Host knowledge hub and a 7-part email series to make learning fun. When you complete the quiz at the end of the series we’ll even throw in a reward! Sign up here for email series!

Connecting Visitors to Event Information

Travel Lane County developed a QR code that will link visitors to our World Athletics Championships Oregon22 webpage. We will make this QR code accessible in hotels, on transit buses, at welcome tables and through many restaurants and other businesses. Place the QR code in your rental, at your front desk and wherever visitors can easily access it. Senior Director of Partner and Community Engagement Megan Temple will help you with what works best for your location. You may also access assets through this dropbox link. For visitor guides, maps or the printed pocket guide that provides visitor information during the event, please reach out to our visitor center