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You Can't Stop Pre — His Legacy Lives On

Eugene, Oregon, known as "TrackTown USA", is the frequent host to star-studded track events from the Olympic Trials to the NCAA Championships. Last year, Eugene even hosted the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 for its first time in the U.S.! But there is one legendary annual track meet that…

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Road Trip: Quick Stop at Dari Mart

A road trip through the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region isn't complete without a stop at the local Dari Mart. These fourth-generation, Oregon-grown convenience stores outshine the national chain stores that typically pop up along travel corridors. Dari Mart is best known for its Lochmead Dairy…

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Whale Watching at Sea Lion Caves
: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Visit the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Center in downtown Eugene. Find information on things to do and see in Lane County, purchase park passes and locally-made gifts and souvenirs, and…