Like pizza and fine art, quality burgers can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with various ingredients. Because of that, it’s difficult to objectively crown a single burger as the “Best Burger” in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. Luckily, we have many top-quality restaurants that serve some of the best food around, so finding places with great burgers is a lot easier. From "All American" stackers to burgers named after ‘80s classics, you’re bound to find a sandwich that was made just right for you.

Here are some of our region's best burgers:

Cornucopia: the All American

Cornucopia's All American Burger with Fries

Cornucopia's All American Burger with Fries

Cornucopia was voted “Best Burger” in Eugene 14 years in a row in the Register Guard. With a reigning title like that, it’s only fair to start our list off with the All American Burger from Cornucopia. Home to all-natural, hormone-free burgers, Cornucopia serves the community out of two Eugene locations and one in Springfield. The All American tops their burger menu, with a flavorful and juicy patty accompanied with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles all seasoned to perfection. With mayo, mustard, and ketchup, the All American hits every checkmark a burger worth its salt should.

Flashback Grill: the Celebration

Flashback Grill is one of those food spots where sitting and taking in the atmosphere is just as fun and worthwhile as sinking a bite into one of their pop-culture-themed entrees. Their booths will take you back in time, with each designed to evoke a unique time period.

Their "Celebration" burger is one of the standout items in Flashback Grill's menu. Named after the chart-topping hit by ‘80s R&B and soul-funk band Kool and the Gang, “Celebration” is aptly described as "the burger with everything!" This sandwich is a perfect combination of ham, bacon, fried egg, and other flavors that work together seamlessly to create a mind-meltingly delicious taste without being too overpowering. If there was anything worth celebrating, it would definitely be this burger!

Hop Valley: the Hop House Burger & the Drunken Mushroom Swiss Burger

Hop Valley Drunken Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Hop Valley Drunken Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Hop Valley is an outstanding brewery known for its good drinks and good vibes. If you find yourself at Hop Valley in Eugene, the Hop House Burg is the way to go. At their Springfield location, the Drunken Mushroom Swiss Burger is a juicy delight you do not want to miss.

Pair either with one of Hop Valley’s beloved IPAs and get lost in a magical mix of burger and brew.

Bo & Vine: the Willamette & the O Canada

This burger bar takes burgers to a gourmet level with finesse! The Willamette is outstanding with goat cheese crumbles, smoked bacon, grilled onion and a touch of sweet chili sauce and a balsamic reduction. The O Canada is robust with a fried egg, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and a house bourbon maple reduction and bacon jam served on thick-cut buttered toast instead of a bun. Bo & Vine's regional and international selections continue, along with plenty of customizations from their array of sauces and toppings, vegetarian options and lettuce wraps. And they have tots!

Hole in the Wall: The Sheriff & The Cowboy

There’s a new Sheriff in town, and it’s being served at Hole in the Wall Barbecue. At first glance, the Sheriff appears to be your basic burger, but Hole in the Wall’s smoked, half-pound beef patties never fail to delight the taste buds. Partner the Sheriff with some fresh-cut french fries for a classic burger experience.

In the mood for something with a little more excitement? Let the Cowboy take you for a ride! For an extra three dollars, this burger delivers extra flavor courtesy of smoked bacon on top of lettuce, tomato and onion. It also comes with a cheese of your choice, so you won’t miss out on any of the flavors you want from a good burger.

B2 Bar and Grill: the All American & the Slider Burgers

B2 Bar and Grill’s All American is a half-pound patty stacked with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, topped off with B2’s secret sauce. It’s their secret sauce that really brings everything together, and sets their All American Burger apart from others. Their Blues Burger is also a stellar choice for fans of aioli.

B2’s burger selections are stacked, but the biggest surprise on its burger menu are its sliders. Described as petite burgers, these little guys are topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and B2’s secret sauce. Still, they are packing a lot of flavor. Available in groups of two or four, these sliders are as tasty as they are convenient. Not enough room for a whole burger? Split a pair of B2’s sliders between you and a friend!

Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House: The Burger

Florence’s Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House has been a seafood destination for years, so you’d probably be surprised to find out that one of the best items on their menu is their burger. Simply called “The Burger'' on their menu, this stacker comes with a half-pound, charbroiled patty, served with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Served on a grilled telera roll, every bite of this burger is as juicy as the last. You can have it with your choice of onion rings, salad or fries, but nothing matches this burger as well as the rings do.

A vegetarian-friendly version is also available in the form of a veggie burger.

Notable Burger Mentions

As stated earlier, there are too many amazing burgers served up locally to highlight them all. But here are just a few more creations that burger aficionados deem destination-worthy.

  • "Northwest Burger" and "Hometown Hero Burger" at Northwest Burgers
  • "Backyard Burger", "Captain Neon Burger", and "Dungeon Burger" at McMenamins North Bank
  • "Motley Que" at Killer Burger
  • "1285 Burger" and "Pesto Burger" at 1285 Restobar
  • "Haystack BBQ Burger" at 6th Street Bar & Restaurant
  • "The Shroom Burger" at The Paddock