Running or walking with a group is a fun way to explore new neighborhoods and meet fellow runners. The enthusiasm of Eugene's running community spills over into organized group runs, many of which are open to visitors for drop-in running. If you are training for a 5K or marathon, adding a group run to your weekly schedule is a great way to achieve accountability. Some of the local running groups offer specific training schedules in advance of the Eugene Marathon or other popular events. 

  • Run Hub Northwest — This family-friendly running store founded by a local, passionate runner, hosts weekly runs from their downtown Eugene storefront that all can join. For those seeking coaching and a consistent training schedule, Rub Hub also has the Big Timber Running Club which is fee-based. 
  • Eugene Running Company — Another local running store, this one at Oakway Center in Eugene hosts an all-levels inclusive weekly run along Pre's Trail in Alton Baker Park. Likewise, they also offer marathon training for a fee.
  • Ninkasi Run Club — Reward yourself with a craft beer after a weekly run that begins and concludes at Ninkasi Better Living Room in the Whiteaker Neighborhood.
Run Hub Northwest - Wednesday Running Group Dec 06

Every Wednesday join a low-key fun run with fellow community members to scope out the Eugene running scene. Runners and walkers will go either three to seven miles at a range of speeds. Start with a dynamic warm-up and finish with stretching and core work. In the darker months…