Deadwood Covered Bridge

Deadwood Covered Bridge by Jennifer ArcherBuilt on a curve, the Deadwood Bridge features deliberately slanted floorboards designed to improve motorist safety.

This unique bridge is part of a coastal range triad of covered bridges.



  • Design - Covered Howe truss
  • Length - 105 feet (32 m)
  • Crosses - Deadwood Creek
  • Nearest Town - Swisshome/Mapleton/Florence
  • Current Access - Vehicles up to 10 tons, maximum height 10'7"


Deadwood Covered Bridge by Jennifer ArcherDeadwood Bridge was built by Lane County's bridge builder, Miller Sorenson in 1932 for $4,814. The bridge was built on a curve in the road so to make entering the bridge safer, flooring was installed on a slant. It has a long window all along the north side.

In the 70s the covered bridge was bypassed with a concrete bridge just half a mile away that incorporated a more direct route. Functionally obsolete except as a wayside detour, Deadwood Bridge was neglected. Without maintenance over time the bridge became extremely dilapidated. In 1986, Lane County overhauled the Deadwood Bridge by replacing the siding, flooring and portals. The bracing, roof and approaches were also repaired. Its original semi-elliptical portals were changed to Tuder arch during restoration.



Deadwood Covered Bridge

  • Deadwood Creek Rd, Deadwood OR 97430