The Lane Events Center features a variety of event spaces from small to large. These spaces can be rented separately or in conjunction with each other allowing maximum flexibility when planning your event. With 75,000 square feet of exposition space, full catering service, Wi-Fi and ample parking, Lane Events Center can meet all your meeting and event needs.


Lane Events Center features several rentable spaces that are available individually or conjointly. These spaces include the Exhibit Hall, the Performance Hall, the Auditorium, Wheeler Pavilion, six Expo Halls, the Gleason Atrium and four meeting rooms. All of these spaces are equipped with Wi-Fi and feature high ceilings and multiple floor surfaces. There is also free parking for approximately 2,500 cars making it easy and accessible for vendors and attendees.

Exhibit Hall

Capacity: Standing capacity is 5,285, theater capacity is 4,000, classroom capacity is 1,000, booth capacity is 212 and banquet capacity is 2,500.

The Exhibit Hall is 37,000 square feet and is the largest event space. It features concrete flooring that has 10'x10' layouts embedded. Rental of the 210'x180' space also includes Meeting Room 3. It has 25'6" high ceilings and a large roll door for easy vendor move in and access. There is also easy access for attendees and directional screens in the lobby. The space is perfect for tradeshows and conferences.

Exhibit Hall Setup at Lane Events Center

Performance Hall

Capacity: Standing capacity is 3,140, theater capacity is 1,700, classroom capacity is 550, booth capacity is 120 and banquet capacity is 1,100.

The Performance Hall is 22,000 square feet and is the second largest space at Lane Events Center. The Performance Hall is 180'x 120' and has the same 10'x10' concrete flooring layout as the Exhibit Hall. Equipped with a performance stage, Wi-Fi and a PA system, this space is ideal for receptions, tradeshows, conferences and ceremonies.

Performance Hall at Lane Events Center


Capacity: Standing capacity is 1,730, theater capacity is 805, classroom capacity is 330, booth capacity is 63 and banquet capacity is 400.

The Auditorium is 12,000 square feet and features high ceilings, large restrooms and a roll door for easy vendor move in and out. The Auditorium has a unique curved and wooden ceiling that makes this space unique from others. Attendees will appreciate the distinctive layout and openness of this space.

Auditorium at Lane Events Center

Wheeler Pavilion

Capacity: The standing capacity is 1,750, theater capacity is 735, classroom capacity is 400, booth capacity is 55 and banquet capacity is 400.

The Wheeler Pavilion makes up a total of 11,000 square feet and is 119’ x 107. Amenities include high ceilings, multiple entrances, adjustable house lighting, concrete flooring and more.

Wheeler Pavilion at Lane Events Center

Expo Halls

Capacity: Expo Hall One: Square Feet; 6,540. Standing capacity is 935, theater capacity is 436.

Expo Hall Two: Square Feet; 7,200. Standing capacity is 1,030, theater capacity is 480.

Expo Hall Three: Square Feet; 8,200. Standing capacity is 1,170, theater capacity is 550.

Expo Hall Four: Square Feet; 7,200. Standing capacity is 1,030, theater capacity is 480.

Expo Hall Five: Square Feet; 10,640. Standing capacity is 1,520, theater capacity is 710.

Expo Hall Six: Square Feet; 7,200. Standing capacity is 1,030, theater capacity is 480.

There are a total of six Expo Halls all ranging from 6,500 to 10,000 square feet. These halls can be rented alone or in conjunction with each other with the exception of hall three and five. All of the halls have interior doors connecting them to each other which makes it easy and seamless for walkability and engagement.

Lane Events Center - Expo Hall

Gleason Atrium

Capacity: The standing capacity is 730, theater capacity is 340, classroom capacity is 200, booth capacity is 30 and banquet capacity is 250.

The Gleason Atrium is made up of 5,100 square feet of and features high glass ceilings, theater lighting and carpeted floors. The atrium has adjustable house lighting and can be used as a stand alone space for smaller events or along with the Performance Hall and or Exhibit Hall as an extension of that venue.

Lane Events Center - Gleason Atrium

Meeting Rooms

Capacity: Meeting Room One has a standing capacity of 525, theater capacity is 250, classroom capacity is 170 and banquet capacity is 160.
Meeting Room Two has a standing capacity of 155, theater capacity is 75, classroom capacity is 30 and banquet capacity of 50.
Meeting Room Three has a standing capacity of 215, theater capacity is 100, classroom capacity is 60 and banquet capacity of 75.
Meeting Room Four has a standing capacity of 525, theater capacity is 250, classroom capacity is 170 and banquet capacity is 160.

The meeting rooms include complimentary Wi-Fi, carpeted floors, black out blinds to allow for daytime presentations, easy access to the main lobby and more. The meeting rooms can be split into multiple breakout rooms making it a welcoming and engaging space for a variety of meetings and events.

Lane Events Center

Lane Events Center offers 360 degree tours of their venues that is convenient for visualizing the spaces and planning in advance.


Facilities Chart - Lane Events Center

Rental Equipment

Lane Events Center has a variety of equipment available for rent. Some of these items include PA systems, curtain dividers, podiums, high top chairs, long range projectors and more.


The Lane Events Center offers specialized catering through their Preferred Providers, and beverage service through Oregon Beverage Services. Catering providers include Carte Blanche Caterers, Flavors Catering and Events, Oakway Catering, Pacific Perks and Shield Catering

Close Proximity

Lane Events Center is located in a prime area, just minutes away from downtown Eugene and a short drive from Eugene Airport. Attendees appreciate having restaurants, shopping and outdoor recreation activities just a short drive away from the facility.

Consider Lane Events Center

Lane Events Center is an ideal meeting venue that boasts small and large rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, ample accessible parking and other amenities. Attendees will appreciate the unique layouts of each space and the delicious catering services that are available. Consider Lane Events center when you meet and explore in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region of Oregon.