The hospitality industry suffered a major blow over the past month, but this hasn't stopped many Travel Lane County partners from reinventing how they do business. With a passion for survival, for taking care of their employees and for serving the community, these businesses are a flame lighting our dark days. In recognition of the challenges our partners are experiencing, Lane County residents, from the coast to the Cascades, are rising up to support local business.

#LoveLane is more than hashtag. It's a statement that reflects the mutual need Lane County businesses have for their customers and the need residents and visitors have for our unique local businesses. And, while the #LoveLane assets will sustain us through this difficult 'stay home' period, they will live on as our region prepares to welcome back the 3-5 million visitors who experience Lane County each year. 

Here are some ideas of things you can share:

The full folder of creative assets, including Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission #LoveLaneSports assets, are available here:

Questions about using these assets may be directed to VP of Integrated Marketing Emily Forsha at

We are in a period of waiting and during this period we will be communicating accurate and timely safety, restrictions and travel information. Second, we will inform locals on what's open, things to do now and how they can support local businesses. Third, we will continue to foster a sense of community pride and togetherness and keep Lane County top-of-mind as a travel destination for future trips. 

Once the waiting period passes, #LoveLane assets will be utilized more broadly. Americans are anxious to travel again and surveys tell us that many people will choose less congested areas for their travels. What's less congested than the 4,600 square miles of Lane County? Our region will be well-positioned to attract visitors and get our region's hospitality industry restarted.