As the autumn leaves paint the landscape with fiery hues and the chill of winter begins to weave its magic, it's the perfect time to embark on a spellbinding adventure in the mystical lands of Lane County, Oregon. But what if you're someone who uses a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or simply seeks the enchantment of accessible outdoor experiences? Worry not! This blog is your key to unlocking a realm of accessible outdoor adventures that will transform your fall and winter into an enchanting odyssey. What's more, we invite you to share your own magical experiences and bucket list dreams with us. Together, we'll embark on a journey filled with wonder!

A covered bridge roadway surrounded by trees turning autumn colors.
: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Goodpasture Covered Bridge

1. Adaptive Recreation in Eugene: Unveiling the Secrets

Eugene reveals a treasure trove of adaptive recreational opportunities for all adventurers. Whether you're drawn to the allure of hiking, cycling, or exploring the enchanting outdoors, the Adaptive Recreation Guide by the City of Eugene holds the key to this enchanted realm. It unveils secrets about adaptive equipment, enchanting programs, and well-equipped facilities, ensuring that everyone can immerse themselves in the beauty of Eugene. 

2. Accessible Travel: Your Portal to Oregon's Magical Wonders

Eugene is a sacred part of Oregon's accessible travel tapestry, and Travel Oregon's "Accessible Travel Eugene" guide serves as your magical map for your journey. Here, you'll discover wondrous attractions, accommodations that could be from a fairy tale, and activities that cater to various mobility needs.

3. Nature Trails: Where the Forest Whispers Its Secrets

Eugene's natural beauty unveils itself through accessible nature trails, where even the trees and streams hold secrets. The AllTrails website unveils a list of mystical trails in the area. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll or a more challenging quest, these trails offer a myriad of experiences for outdoor sorcerers of all abilities. 

4. The Disabled Hiker's Guide: A Grimoire of Outdoor Magic

If you yearn for a comprehensive grimoire of outdoor magic in the Pacific Northwest, "The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon" is a must-read. This weighty tome unravels outdoor activities accessible by car, wheelchair, and on foot, making it an invaluable resource for planning your adventures. Seek it at your local bookstore or online.

5. Walktober: A Month of Enchanted Walking Adventures

Partake in the enchantment of Walktober, a month brimming with many walking events in Lane County. With over 35 walks and tours to choose from, the autumn world awaits. Whether you're drawn to art walks, historical quests, or simply wish to explore the enchanted community, Walktober has woven a tapestry of wonders. Unveil the secrets by checking out the Walktober webpage for a complete list of events and activities.

A woman with a wheelchair is on a gravel dirt road leading downhill toward a river.


This fall and winter, Lane County beckons with an enchanting tapestry of accessible adventures waiting to be woven into the fabric of your story. Whether you're wheeling or walking, each path holds a touch of magic. Prepare to unfurl your bucket list! Let us embark on a quest to create a season of enchantment and wonder in the embrace of the mystical Pacific Northwest, where accessibility is the key to unlocking the magic of the outdoors!

And don’t forget to utilize our accessible and wonderful Lane Transit District as you explore.  

Whale watching at Sea Lion Caves
: Melanie Ryan Griffin

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