Eugene is a great place to go fishing, if you live here, or if you are here for a day trip or for the week. There are tons of great ponds, lakes, canals, creeks, and rivers to head for. And there is a wide variety of bass, salmon, Steelhead, trout, Bluegill, Sunfish, etc. There is beautiful nature, wildlife trails, animals, rivers, forests, and meadows to check off your bucket list. I hope you have a great time fishing in Eugene.

1. Junction City Pond

Highway 99, south of Junction City

The Junction City Pond off of Highway 99 is a great place to catch something. The pond has a small range of trout, bass and Lunker Rainbow. It gets stocked regularly, about once a month. It has a dock to fish off of, or to just enjoy the glorious surroundings. The lures and baits I recommend to use are Powerbait, live bait, Panther Martin and any other lures fit for trout. It is also a good way to get out of the house on a Saturday morning with a fishing buddy or your family.

Nolan Carney Fly Fishing

2. Canoe Canal

Alton Baker Park, Eugene

The Alton Baker Canoe Canal is a great place to fish. Some of the fish that populate the pond and canal are Rainbow Trout but there are some non stocked bass. The bait and lures that I recommend to fish there are Powerbait, live bait, rooster tail, Panther Martin and a tiny neon grub lure. My recommendations of spots to cast are the pond, the bridge right next to Emerald Valley BMX track, or near the disc golf park. One of my favorite things to do is grab some donuts, and chocolate milk on the way to the canal, and spend a relaxing Sunday morning casting for Rainbows.

Nolan Carney Fishing at Alton Baker Park

3. Fern Ridge Reservoir


Fern Ridge is a big lake 15 minutes west from Eugene. There is great fishing there. They have a variety of fish including White Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, carp, and Brown Bullhead. If you have the right lures you might catch something. Good lures and bait to use include small soft plastic lures that Imitate other fish, or other live baits. Fern Ridge is good for fishing but you have to get a good spot. In my experience some great places are Coyote Creek, Orchard Point and Richardson Park. A boat or kayak are good options to fish, however it can get windy causing choppy water and making it hard to keep steady.