Contemplative and meditative experiences are abundant throughout the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. Find your little piece of peace and quiet for a relaxing vacation getaway that soothes the soul and restores the mind.

First, book a comfortable retreat place for the center of your stay. Add in quiet pursuits into nature, moments for reflection, reading, massage, yoga or artistic activities if, and when, desired. After a few days of away from the hustle and bustle, you will emerge refreshed and rested.

Diamond Creek Falls trail scenic viewpoint with two people looking out across the forest.



Walk on the Beach

Explore the Oregon Coast sand dunes or meander the sandy coastal shoreline, shoes off, connecting with the power of sand, water and wind. Oregon offers miles of uncrowded coastline, vast sandy beaches and, of course, the towering ecologically-thriving dunes.

Walking the Oregon Dunes

Hiking through sand is a rigorous activity, so options include finding an accessible viewpoint and bringing your binoculars or teaming up with guides to take you into the middle of this windswept realm by dune buggy or on horseback.

Oregon Coast Scenic Views by Jacob Pace

Sit by the River

Three main rivers flow through the Cascades, valley and coastal areas (McKenzie, Willamette and Siuslaw Rivers), branching out into abundant streams and creeks. Just hearing the sounds of a babbling brook enhances a restful retreat. Hike along the rivers, fish in the streams or meditate on the banks.

Woman Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River

Float on a Lake

Sure, you can speed across the glassy surface of a lake on your jet ski or motor boat, but if you are searching for the stillness of calm waters, paddle a canoe, kayak or paddle board instead. From Clear Lake and Waldo Lake in the Cascades, to a quiet coastal lake, watch the mist drift off the water at dawn and listen to the gentle lapping of the water on the shore at night.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Cottage Grove Lake by Melanie Griffin

Forest Bathe

Immerse yourself in the fresh, oxygenated air of the forest — full of old growth trees, towering evergreens and stalwart pines. Nature's music reveals itself with rustling leaves, bird song and buzzing insects. Oregon is known for its many hiking trails and natural wonders. Go deep into nature on trails leading to waterfalls, lakes, mountain vistas, meadows or cool, dark woods.

McKenzie River Trail without hikers or bikers.

Cycle the Countryside

Roll past farmer's fields and vineyards along the backcountry roads crisscrossing the Willamette Valley. Gentle rolling hills bump up against wide open spaces. The narrow roads curve and twist or run on straight through seas of agricultural land. Refresh yourself at a farm stand or winery.

Cycling at Camas Country Mill

Bicycle routes include a loop through covered bridges, straight aways beside the rivers or across the valley and more challenging bikeways up and over mountain passes. 

A red barn, a green field full of geese and a foggy mountain with fall colors fills this photo.

Any immersive experience in nature can be further enhanced with bird watching, wildlife observations, mushroom foraging, photography, stargazing, journaling or sketching. Look for wildflowers in the meadows or take off your shoes and "earth". The natural world is waiting for you!

Peaceful Places

Relaxing Retreats

Where you stay sets the tone for your restful vacation. Find a bed and breakfast or vacation rental with easy access to beaches, trailheads and shorelines. Go to places that provide a quiet retreat so you can disconnect from the frenetic energy of the outside world.

Edwin K Bed and Breakfast


This immaculate and pampering B&B is in the heart of Historic Old Town Florence. What makes the Edwin K Bed and Breakfast a retreat experience? Here, with comforts attended to, you are free to explore the convergence of the Siuslaw River and the Pacific Ocean. Walk the boardwalk to the river docks, watch the seals and seagulls, observe fishing boats coming and going, and enjoy the sunshine sparkling off the massive dunes on the opposing banks, or the fog drifting across the water's surface, blanketing the historic bridge. 

Siuslaw River Bridge arches in Florence

Mercer Lake Resort 


A cluster of rustic cabins (some remodeled) on the edge of a remote Florence lake create an ideal getaway. With a small sandy beach, fishing from the dock and boat rentals, you can move to a slower rhythm. Cabins have private decks and kitchens, so there is no need to leave. Just pull an afghan across your lap when it gets cooler and watch the color of the lake change with the day.

Mercer Lake Resort in Florence by Taj Morgan

Tipi Village Retreat


Tipi Village is glamping in a quiet communal compound near a beautiful creek. Artwork punctuates the forest paths. Sprawl out on the lawn, dip your toes in the water or read a book on the patio. Nearby hikes and a romantic covered bridge are worth exploring. The proprietors dish up tasty dinners enjoyed in the outdoor gathering place. When the stars come out, sit quietly in a clearing and let the light stream down to you. Sleep in a comfortable bed inside your canvas tipi.

Tipi Village Retreat at night

Belknap Hot Springs Resort

McKenzie River

Soak in the hot springs-fed swimming pool on the edge of the roaring McKenzie River. Stroll the woodland and meadow paths to shady glens and water gardens. Belknap Hot Springs Resort's lodging varies from campsites to lodge rooms to fully equipped cabins, so pick the style of accommodation just right for you.

The Secret Garden at Belknap Hot Springs has stone pillars and stone lined pools of water. The garden is green with grass, landscaping and trees.

Eagle Rock Lodge

McKenzie River

On the banks of the McKenzie River, this beautiful setting featuring separate cabins or lodge rooms offers an escape from the usual grind. Along with their comfortable quarters, outside fire pits, riverside lounge chairs and river beach access, Eagle Rock Lodge is known for their delicious breakfasts.

Eagle Rock Lodge Breakfast Patio by Jumping Rocks Photography

Westfir Lodge


The Westfir Lodge offers home-like lodging in close proximity to the romantic historic Westfir Covered Bridge. Walk through the bridge to trailheads of amazing hikes along the river and up into the Cascade Mountains. The friendly lodge crews lead guided tours and provide wholesome dining options.

Westfir Lodge's Mountain Market by Tracey Sunflower

Inn at Diamond Woods

Junction City

Perhaps golf's blissful quiet and necessary focus and concentration is the key to your style of meditative escape. Stay in the Inn at Diamond Woods, a spacious executive suite overlooking the Diamond Woods golf course. Here you enjoy a full kitchen, privacy, stunning views across the golf course and valley, and easy access to the greens. Additionally, this spectacular golf course is in the middle of wine country with Benton Lane Winery next door.

Diamond Woods Golf Course by Janelle Breedlove

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