2022 Labor Day Weekend

The last summer hurrah before school starts again, and what a glorious Labor Day weekend it will be! Cherish the waning leisure-filled days by checking off the remaining items on your bucket list. This is the weekend to go camping along the Oregon Coast or up in the Cascades. Take a dune buggy ride or go river rafting. Head out to Alton Baker Park, Fern Ridge or Dorena Lake to rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard while the concessionaires are still camped out.

Use Labor Day to drive or cycle the scenic back roads to local wineries or follow the Eugene Ale Trail around town. Or just browse Oregon's many antiques shops and second-hand stores. 

Parks & Trails

Before setting out, check the Adventure Checklist

Wine Country

It's been a local tradition to visit our wineries over the Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy live music and special festivities at many of the wineries.

"One World, One Sky" Planetarium Show Mar 25

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"Racing to Change" Heritage Exhibit Mar 25

The "Racing to Change" exhibit tells the story of Black experiences in Oregon highlighting those right here in Lane County. The original exhibit was created by the Oregon Black Pioneers with added content by the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. New content added by the…

"Stargazing Tonight" Planetarium Show Mar 25

Explore the night sky and the cosmos in this classic planetarium show at the Eugene Science Center. See what stars, constellations and planets will be visible in that night's sky in this interactive program hosted by staff astronomy experts. Get your questions about the universe…

"Travelling with Light" Planetarium Show Mar 25

"Travelling with Light" describes the importance of light to Earth and human life. The show takes the audience through a conversation with a mother and her son as they discuss the complexity of light. Recommended for ages 6+. Check the Planetarium Shows calendar on the Eugene…

"We Are Aliens" Planetarium Show Mar 25

Discover how learning about life here on Earth guides the hunt for alien life elsewhere in the universe in this 25-minute planetarium show. Visit Mars, Europa and distant exoplanets to answer one of the ultimate questions of the universe: are we alone? Follow along as astronomers…

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Cooling Off

With high temperatures, you'll naturally be drawn to the water. Please remember to practice safe swimming and check water levels before heading out.

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