a white covered bridge road in the fall
: Sally McAleer

Wendling Covered Bridge

Also known as Mill Creek Bridge, the Wendling Covered Bridge is one of four bridges in the area built in the 1930s (the others are Pengra, Goodpasture and nearby Earnest Bridge).

Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARS) promotes a 51-mile (82 km) loop ride from Alton Baker Park to Wendling Covered Bridge. And like the nearby Earnest Bridge, there is also a geocache in this vicinity. 


The Wendling Bridge was built by Lane County in 1938 for $2,241. Wendling Bridge was named after George Wendling who was a director of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company. The Wendling Bridge's interior was once plastered with circus posters just like the nearby Earnest Bridge.

Nearby Attractions

Built in 1938, Wendling Covered Bridge spans Mill Creek with a length of 60 feet (18 m). This picturesque bridge is tucked up in the Cascade foothills near Earnest Bridge. DIRECTIONS…