Wildcat Creek Covered Bridge

Wild Cat Bridge

Just a short distance from Highway 126, Wildcat Covered Bridge, also known as "Wild Cat Bridge" or "Austa Bridge," is easy to visit. The nearby Austa boat ramp provides access to the Siuslaw River. Picnic alongside the river and cast out a line.

This classic covered bridge is part of a coastal range triad of covered bridges.


  • Design - Covered Howe truss
  • Length - 75 feet (23 m)
  • Crosses - Wildcat Creek, tributary of Siuslaw River
  • Nearest Town - Walton/Mapleton (Oregon Coast)
  • Current Access - Vehicles up to 30 tons, maximum height 11'5"


Wild Cat Bridge by Natalie InouyeBuilt in 1925 as part of Stagecoach Road, the original route to the coast. In the 1930s, both the road and the bridge were bypassed by the Linslaw Tunnel and the Mapleton Bridge.

Wildcat Bridge has a large window along one side. It is also possible to walk down to the water here and view the underside of the bridge. 



Wildcat Creek Covered Bridge