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The Broadway Streatery: Sidewalk Dining in Downtown Eugene

Published: July 30, 2020


Dine outside in downtown Eugene as part of a creative program to support local restaurants and provide a fun space for safer and socially distanced dining. Designed using Governor Brown's COVID-19 mandates as a guide, the Broadway Streatery offers options for diners seeking great food served in a spacious, outdoor environment. 

The Broadway Streatery

Expanded and new sidewalk seating spills from popular restaurants all along Broadway between Olive and Willamette streets. Because restaurants have had to reduce indoor seating capacities and space tables six feet apart, extra room helps restaurants serve more people while preserving social distancing. This section of Broadway has been closed to motor vehicles through October, or perhaps later.

Now people can gather responsibly to enjoy music, games and cafe seating with twinkling lights setting a magical mood in this transformed street space. You will wish Broadway would stay open exclusively for pedestrians and non-motorized wheels forever! Some businesses on the block are promising to provide new games and surprises to enhance the Streatery experience. KN-95 masks are available for patrons of these businesses.

Update: After much success for Broadway Streatery restaurants, the program design has been expanded and now includes 5th Avenue between Pearl and High Street on weekends. The city is also accepting applications from other businesses who would like to participate across the city. To find an updated list of locations or to apply for your business, see the city website

Here is the list of amazing local restaurants participating in the Broadway Streatery:

Party Bar

Party Bar front window and Broadway Street blooming with trees and flowers. Photo by Melanie Griffin
Party Bar in downtown by Melanie Griffin


Party Bar is a foodie favorite for its amazing and surprising menu. Seriously, everything offered is delicious and truly locally sourced. Ask about any item on the menu and they can tell you where every ingredient came from. Order the St Tropez sunset cocktail and the fried chicken plate and thank me later. Oh, and don't forget the elderflower ice cream for dessert. Party Bar is currently taking orders online only at this time so be prepared to use your smartphone at your table.

The Davis Restaurant & Bar

The Davis Restaurant with tall windows and outdoor dining tables on the corner of Broadway and Olive Street. Photo by Melanie Griffin
The Davis Restaurant downtown by Melanie Griffin


The Davis has always embraced outdoor dining but now with the Broadway Streatery, they have really stepped it up. The Davis promises to offer more than just a meal. You'll enjoy the music and the friendly staff as well as the menu full of variety. Their sweet chili pork ribs are always a great choice and their knowledgable staff will be able to recommend the perfect wine with your meal. 

First National Taphouse

First National Taphouse shady outdoor seating with doors open for the public. Photo by Melanie Griffin
First National Taphouse downtown by Melanie Griffin


If you truly love beer, First National Taphouse is the perfect stop for you on the Broadway Streatery. With more than 30 taps and a selection of bottles, there is plenty to taste. If you work up an appetite from your flight of beers, they have a menu that goes from typical pub fare to full entrees. There are options for meat lovers as well as excellent vegan choices. 

Killer Burger

Large flower pots and outdoor dining tables in front of Killer Burger neon sign. Photo by Melanie Griffin
Killer Burger downtown by Melanie Griffin


Ok, obviously Killer Burger has great burgers. From straight-up classics to some burgers that you might not expect but will instantly love. The burger that gets everyone talking is the peanut butter pickle bacon burger. The combo might sound strange at first but it is truly addictive. For fry-lovers, they offer fun dipping sauces as well. 

Sizzle Pie

Twenty large pizza boxes stacked on top of each other. Each box says "eat pizza every day". Photo by Melanie Griffin
Sizzle Pie downtown by Melanie Griffin


Sizzle Pie has always been the place for death metal and hot slices but right now, you'll just have to enjoy the pie in the fresh air. Sizzle Pie has plenty of vegetarian and vegan pizza options that anyone would love as well as the traditional meaty, cheesy variety. If you want a salad, their vegan ranch is even better than the real thing. Pie toppings change daily so stop by to see what is being served today. 

Horsehead Bar

The Horsehead Bar has been a staple in the Eugene bar scene for so long and is one of the important coordinates in what Eugenians affectionately call the "barmuda triangle". At this time, your trips to Horsehead might not be like they were in the past but you can still enjoy their drinks and fried alligator on the patio or inside with social distancing during their limited open hours. 

Cowfish Club & Cafe

Building with two large signs that say "Cowfish Danceclub" with outdoor tables in front of the building. This photo was taken across the street and string lights overhead. One masked person sits at one of the tables talking to someone out of frame. Photo by Melanie Griffin
Cowfish Dance Club by Melanie Griffin


Cowfish is a colorful and fun place and that hasn't changed since the new rules. They are still finding ways to bring the party to you safely. Cowfish offers some eats, coffee and drinks with music and games often bringing up the energy level as well. 

Manifest Brewing

Double-doors are held open by large wine barrels. Inside is a neat bar with lots of wood detail. The window beside the open doors on the left says "World Famous biscuits and slather". Photo by Melanie Griffin
Manifest Brewing by Melanie Griffin


Manifest opened their doors at this location not long before COVID-19 closed them. Fortunately, they are open again and selling their delicious beers and tasty food. Manifest is really proud of their biscuits n' slather. Their beers list changes regularly so if you have the chance to try their "Drip" sour IPA, do it. 


Brew Dr.s Teahouse

A sign that says "Brew Dr. Tea Company- Matcha, Boba, Chai and Kombucha" sits in front of red outdoor dining tables with matching chairs.
Brew Dr. Teahouse by Melanie Griffin


Brew Dr. serves the area's best loose leaf, bubble tea and kombucha. Their refreshing iced drinks are perfect for a hot day and try one of their many varieties of hot chai when it gets a little chilly. If you want to check out the Broadway Streatery without committing to a full meal, Brew Dr. is the perfect place to sit and watch the action. 

Broadway Streatery game by Melanie Griffin
Play games in the middle of Broadway! Photo by Melanie Griffin

Creating a Great Experience for Everyone

To access the businesses at the Broadway Streatery, park in one of the downtown parking garages or utilize nearby street parking. Please bring and wear your mask, or wear the mask provided to you by one of the participating restaurants. Masks may be removed while seated at your table, eating or drinking. Thank you for treating restaurant staff and fellow patrons with kindness and respecting restaurant protocols. Most food will still be available to-go for those that prefer that option.

Author: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Melanie is a University of Oregon graduate who studied Cultural Anthropology and Cinema. After finishing school, she worked as a touring concert photographer for many years before expanding into writing concert and album reviews for online publications. Melanie is now the Content Manager for Travel Lane County. She has lived in Eugene for more than a decade. She has also lived in California, New Mexico, Florida, Spain and Slovakia but loves Oregon the most.

Melanie enjoys exploring the vibrant arts and culture scene in Eugene.  She also loves painting, cooking for friends, dancing, hiking and buying too many house plants. Follow her Instagram for Lane County's best kept secrets.