Oregon is known for its lumber industry, wood products and preserved and protected old growth forests. Our communities have a logging heritage, tree-hugging hearts and tree planting spirits! If you desire a little "forest bathing", here is a tree-focused guide to Eugene - Springfield, and the region's tribute to trees.

Forest Bathe

Immerse yourself in the deep woods, beneath an old growth canopy. The experience of being among trees uplifts the mind and the body with peace, oxygen and an energetic connection to nature.

Climb a Tree

Not just great exercise, hoisting yourself to the top of a leafy tree is a chance to witness the ecosystem of the tree canopy. Up among the leaves and upper branches of a great tree, you'll gain a whole new perspective as well as elevation.

Tree Climbing Eugene was created to share the experience of recreational tree climbing with others. They guide climbers of all ages into the treetops…

Celebrating Trees & the Earth

Trees & Forests in Our Communities

The Black Tartarian Cherry Tree 

A magnificent state-designated "Oregon Heritage Cherry Tree" presides in the Owen Rose Garden in downtown Eugene. This beautiful tree was planted in 1847 and dedicated during Arbor Week in 1999. Surrounded by hundreds of rose bushes, this lovely park is a great destination for easy walks and relaxation in the spring and summer when buds are blooming.

Offering 400 varieties of roses in a spectacular setting along the Willamette River. The garden will enchant with its abundant roses and what is…

University of Oregon trees

Self Guided Campus Tree Tour

The sprawling University of Oregon campus features a large variety of trees. A collection of 25 notable specimens is featured on an interpretive self-guided tree tour across the northwest section. From a "Eugene Legacy Tree" to several trees believed to be planted in 1886 by one of the very first trained female botanists (the wife of a UO faculty member) — the trees have interesting stories.

Nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, with an easy drive to both the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, the University of Oregon is renowned…

Mount Pisgah Arboretum 

The Mount Pisgah Arboretum features interpretative signage and art installations on the varied ecosystems represented throughout the park. Even more woodsy areas are beyond the arboretum in the larger Buford Park. At the top of the hill along one of the trails is the beloved "tree swing". Pump your troubles away while soaking up the valley views from the swing.

Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a beautiful 209-acre (85-ha) nature preserve five miles (8 km) southeast of downtown Eugene. Eight miles (13 km) of…

Dorris Ranch Living History Farm

Fast Forest at Dorris Ranch

The Fast Forest is a portion of the Dorris Ranch working hazelnut farm that memorializes track athletes that have broken the 4 minute and 4:30 minute mile barrier in their running careers. Walk among these trees dedicated to this amazing accomplishment! This historic farm's hundred-year old trees have been replaced with new trees over the last few years as age and disease has finally taken its toll, but the orchard is still a breathtaking place to meander — and often a popular spot for family photo shoots. The farm links up to the riverfront path system — a lovely network of paths meandering through the woods.

Cyclists along the road pass a park of trees in Coburg.

Tree City USA

A national Arbor Day program grants cities "Tree City USA" status when they put trees at the forefront of their communities. To qualify, communities must meet a minimum of four criteria that include tree-focused ordinances, annual investment, dedicated tree management and Arbor Day appreciation activities. In our county the cities of Eugene, Coburg, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Veneta and Florence are all honored with that title. Join them on Arbor Day for tree planting activities!

A boy wearing a hardhat holds a tree for planting.

Regenerative Tourism in McKenzie River

In response to recent wildfires, local groups organized regenerative tours for volunteers to assist with debris clean up, rebuilding paths and planting trees.

A woman with a wheelchair in running gear takes a selfie with the World Athletics Championships' Legend — a yellow Big Foot mascot wearing running shoes.

2,021 for 2021 World Athletics Championships

In honor of the 2022 World Athletics Championships the City of Eugene planted 2,021 giant sequoias. These trees are dispersed across the city in parks, street medians and on private property including participating schools, businesses and residences.

Christmas Tree Farms

Oregon is known for its many Christmas tree farms that dot the foothills of the Cascades. In 2018, the "People's Tree" for the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. tree was selected here and transported across the country. A 75-ft-tall Noble fir was chosen in Blue River and transported across the country. Oregon residents sent along handmade ornaments to decorate it.

During Christmas tree cutting season, you can get a $5 permit and chop down your own tree in select areas across Federal lands. But its even more fun to enjoy the festivities often offered at the local Christmas tree farms like Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm. Here they have food and drink vendors, a gift shop, tractor rides, animal viewing and often a bonfire and live music.

Kings Castle Trail in the Willamette National Forest

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

Operated by Oregon State University in partnership with federal land organizations within the McKenzie River region, the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest has served as a forest research facility and lab for studying forests. Unfortunately during recent wildfires, this area has been impacted. Scientific investigation and monitoring continues but now includes another focus — the impact of wildfire on forests. Visitor access to the area has changed — please check their website for updates.

Aufderheide by Bike at Constitution Grove, Oakridge by Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Constitution Grove

A short walk along an interpretative trail of old growth trees is a fun way to explore our forests. This grove itself is located along a mountain road guaranteeing an immersive forest experience just by the drive alone.

Hiking in the Cascades - Westfir / Oakridge

Oakridge Tree Planting Festival

Since the 50s, this mountain community — formerly a logging town — has celebrated tree planting with a multi-day festival including everything from parades, carnivals, a royal court and bands to vendors, food and fun runs... but as activities and offerings have changed over the years, the premise of tree planting has been at its core. Come out to Oakridge and join in the planting and partake in the other activities.

Forest Lodging

What makes Eugene - Springfield so special is the interwoven greenery throughout the cities. The line between nature and cityscape is often blurred with our abundance of parks and preserved natural spaces. For the most immersive experience, choose forest lodging along the McKenzie River and up in Oakridge - Westfir. We recommend Tipi Village Retreat and Belknap Hot Springs Resort as great forest getaways, but there are many more.

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