Cannon Street Covered Bridge

The smallest covered bridge in the region, Cannon Street Bridge is a footbridge in Lowell's Rolling Rock Interpretive Park. Windows on both sides lend it charm. This is a great spot to let the kids romp or just stretch your legs. 


Right in the middle of Lowell, this community heritage park showcases mementos of the railroads era. Details include a pathway designed to look like railroad tracks. The park includes restrooms, a picnic shelter and a variety of interactive structures for children's play including a 1929 caboose. Located at Main and Pioneer Streets. There is a small convenience store nearby if you wish to restock camp supplies or get a snack.

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Built in 1988 by the community, this picturesque pedestrian covered bridge spans 20 feet (6 m) across a dry ditch. The bridge is set in an interpretative park amid tributes to Lowell's…