Lake Creek Covered Bridge

Nestled in lush, dense forest the Lake Creek Covered Bridge is also known as Nelson Mountain Bridge. Pass through this charming bridge on the way to Triangle Lake, a popular destination for water skiing, boating, fishing and swimming. Locals gather at the slippery rock slides at Lake Creek, a natural series of small waterfalls. 

Lake Creek Bridge is part of a triad of covered bridges hugging the coastal range.


Built in 1928 for $3,155. Highly stacked logging trucks broke the end portals, which were repaired in the 70s. Full renovations in 1984 included replacing the wood floor with concrete slabs. The prefab slabs were installed using a crane. Concrete was also added to supports and approaches.

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Lake Creek Covered Bridge spans Lake Creek for 105 feet (32 m). It was built in 1928 near the small community of Greenleaf. DIRECTIONS: Located on Nelson Mountain Rd, just off Hwy 36, 30…