In 2016, Travel Lane County's staff trekked across the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region as part of Google's "Google Trekker" project. Similar to Google's "street view," this technology makes pedestrian trails accessible to viewers around the world.

The Google Trekker is a backpack system crowned by rotating cameras capturing 360-degree views. The images are stitched together creating a visually immersive experience.

Mapping the terrain with a "trail view" of the region's many natural wonders required endurance and ingenuity. Watch our staff carry the camera to the top of towering sand dunes, across log bridges and to the foot of roaring waterfalls. When backpacking wasn't an option, they strapped the Google Trekker camera to boats, horses and bicycles - just so that you could experience the unique beauty found here in Oregon.



Google-Trekked Trails

See it before you hike it!

Click on the green map pin to see Google's "trail view" of these scenic trails and destinations. Click on the "trail details" for more information on the trail itself. 

Sand Dunes Frontier Google Trekker

Sand Dunes Frontier Google Trekker

Oregon Coast Trekking 

Trek up and over the Oregon Coast Sand Dunes and out onto Oregon's beaches with a phenomenal Google Trekker experience. Climb the accessible paths to a 100-year old lighthouse and delve into delightful coastal forests. Discover the wild beauty of the coastline and unexpected terrain.

Hike the Oregon Coastline with Travel Lane County and the Google Trekker, as we journey to historic landmarks and natural wonders. See the "trail views" of trails trekked.

Dunes City

Google Map Pin Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area trail details


Google Map Pin Siuslaw River  / trail details 

Google Map Pin South Jetty County Park / trail details

Oregon Coast 

Google Map Pin Heceta Head Light House Trail / trail details 

Google Map Pin Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Area / trail details


Google Map Pin Kentucky Falls Trailhead / trail details

Google Map Pin Sheep Herder Creek

Google Map Pin Sweet Creek Falls / trail details

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Visit the Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast via Google's "trail view." The hundred year-old lighthouse is the brightest light on the Oregon Coast and an Instragram-worthy location.


Oregon Coast Sand Dunes - South Jetty, Florence 

Marvel at the sweep of sand dunes and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.


Carl G. Washburne State Park - Oregon Coast 

The Coast is not all sandy beach or rocky cliff — discover the lush coastal woodlands with plenty of hiking trails.


Willamette Valley Trekking 

Travel Lane County Google-trekked over a dozen metro walking and cycling paths from the rhododendron-filled Hendricks Park to the wildlife sanctuary at the Delta Ponds. Even the University of Oregon Duck gets into the action, trekking the track around Historic Hayward Field in Eugene. View the stadium from an athlete's perspective, looping around the lanes. Next cruise the bike paths of Cottage Grove, an All America City known for its many historic covered bridges. Roll through the bridges on an amazing journey back in time. 

Google Trekker by Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Google Trekking

Cottage Grove

Google Map Pin Brice Creek Trail #1403 / trail details

Google Map Pin Lasells D Stewart County Park

Google Map Pin Row River Trail trail details   

Google Map Pin Wildwood Falls / trail details


Google Map Pin Hendricks Park / trail details 

Google Map Pin Hayward Field trail details

Google Map Pin Hult City Park 

Google Map Pin Pre's Trail / trail details

Google Map Pin Ridgeline Trail - Blanton Ridge / trail details 

Google Map Pin Skinner Butte Park / trail details  

Google Map Pin Spencer Butte West Ridge Park / trail details


Google Map Pin Middle Fork Path trail details


Google Map Pin Coyote Creek trail details

Hayward Field - Eugene 

Trek the track at the University of Oregon's historic Hayward Field. * In 2020, Hayward Field re-opened with a new re-imagined stadium, replacing the older structure. This footage is the previous stadium. 


Mosby Creek Trailhead - Row River Trail - Cottage Grove

Trek through the many historic covered bridges along Cottage Grove's Row River National Recreation Trail.


Trekking the Cascades

Hike to amazing waterfalls and float the famous McKenzie River on our Google Trekker expedition into Oregon's Cascade Mountains. From wheelchair accessible paths and viewing platforms to challenging trail descents and river crossings, the "trail view" transports you into the magic of old growth forests and powerful waterways.

Travel Lane County strapped on the Google Trekker backpack and headed for the mountains. 

Google Trekking

Google Trekking Diamond Creek Falls

Pleasant Hill / Dexter / Lowell / Fall Creek

Google Map Pin Elijah Bristow State Park / trail details

Google Map Pin Goodman Creek Trail #3461.1 / trail details 

Google Map Pin Hardesty Trailhead - Upper / trail details

Google Map Pin Fall Creek Trailhead #1 / trail details

Oakridge / Westfir 

Google Map Pin Alpine Trail / trail details 

Google Map Pin Dead Mountain Trail / trail details 

Google Map Pin Larison Rock Trail #3607 trail details 

McKenzie River 

Google Map Pin Dee Wright Observatory / trail details

Google Map Pin McKenzie River Trail (MRT) / trail details

Silver Creek Landing - McKenzie River 

Discover with us what it's like to float the McKenzie River from Silver Creek Landing.


Salt Creek Falls - Oakridge 

Gaze at Salt Creek Falls from its wheelchair-accessible observation platform.


Diamond Creek Falls - Oakridge 

Check out the trail view to Diamond Creek Falls, the sparkling treasure at the end of a challenging downhill hike. While not everyone will be able to master its steep descent, all can experience the thrill as we trek up close to this beautiful waterfall!