2022 Memorial Day Weekend

On this holiday for remembrance, visit a museum or explore a historic monument. From visiting a beloved's gravesite to learning more about the men and women who have gone before us as veterans and community builders, Memorial Day offers a time of reflection.

You can peruse the Kalapuya Talking Stones or Nobel Peace Park at Alton Baker Park, visit a memorial monument or mural dedicated to iconic figures like Steve Prefontaine or Opal Whiteley, or walk through a community cemetery.

Please remember cemetery etiquette, moving respectfully, giving others privacy, avoid stepping on graves, or touching crumbling headstones.

As we approach this Memorial Day we are reminded of President Ronald Reagan's words: "Today is the… More Info

Memorial Day Weekend Things to Do

Summer is just around the corner and camping season is kicking in! Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to explore the region's scenic byways on a nearby road trip. Wildflowers are blooming, farm stands are opening and wine tasting rooms are welcoming you in. Make the occasion special by packing along take-out from a local eatery or planning to stop at a favorite roadside restaurant. 

It's been a local tradition to visit our wineries over the Memorial Day Weekend, however; a lot has changed over the last several years, so please call ahead to confirm hours and protocols for all wineries, museums and cemeteries.

When the spring sun pops out, wineries open their doors and the celebration begins. Oregon's… More Info