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Planning a mountain biking trip? Call our visitor center staff first at 541.484.5307 for information and recommendations on local trails.

Oakridge - Westfir

Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest

Oakridge, and its companion town Westfir, is the ultimate basecamp for outdoor adventurers. Above the fog and below the snow line, these communities offer a year-round paradise of outdoor thrills. This mountain town is the perfect getaway for adventurers looking for a rugged adventure in the pristine Cascades.

Sturdy Dirty Mountain Biking Event by Jacob Pace


The Middle Fork Ranger Station in Westfir is open Monday through Friday. Stop by for maps, permits and trail conditions. During the summer season, drive or cycle the Aufderheide Byway to McKenzie River for more mountain biking, hiking, waterfalls and water sports.
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