This is a lighthouse for all seasons! An Instagram-worthy lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, the Heceta Head Lighthouse is a year-round attraction for visitors traveling Highway 101.

Close to Florence, the Oregon dunes and the famous Sea Lion Caves, the lighthouse is a must-visit site. Here you can walk on the beach, hike the rocky bluffs, see the hundred-year-old lighthouse and shop in the gift store. The former Assistant Lightkeeper's home, now a charming bed and breakfast, is nestled on the hillside overlooking the beach. The grounds are a day-use park with restrooms and parking. 

Winter on the Oregon Coast

Winter Ocean Oregon Coast by Taylor Higgins

Rain, fog and sleet are actually great reasons to come enjoy Oregon's coasts in a whole new way. Storm watching doesn't get any more dramatic then from the foot of the lighthouse. Imagine what it was like to be responsible for the ships at sea during the storms!

For decades the lighthouse keepers lived here, remote from any reliable access to supplies or community. Now you get to grab a good book and sink into a comfy chair by the window in your cozy room and listen to the rain and the wind in leisure. When the clouds break, slip on your coat and explore the beach with its newly washed up discoveries. The winter landscape is stark and raw and gorgeous.

A Victorian Christmas

Santa doesn't need Rudolph to find his way here. The lighthouse's powerful beam guides him in! During the holiday season the Heceta Head Lighthouse grounds are gussied up with wreathes and ribbons and the cheerful decor of the holidays.

Valentine's Romance

Escape for a lovers' holiday with coastal adventures. After checking in, retreat to your charming room with champagne or a good book, or if there is a break in the weather, take the short walk for a stroll on the beach. Anytime of year, but particularly in February when grand gestures reach their pinnacle, the Heceta Head Lighthouse is a destination for the romantic. Propose by the lighthouse or take your vows on the beach below. 

If you are lucky enough to secure a reservation at its charming B&B, you will discover a breakfast experience like no other. This is not a continental breakfast with a simple croissant and some fresh fruit. At the Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast you are served a multi-course breakfast extravaganza! 

Coastal hiking

The hiking trails around Heceta Head Lighthouse are a delight to explore. Of course, there is the short but steep walk from the parking lot to the bed and breakfast and then on up to the lighthouse itself. But there are also hiking trails that lead high above the lighthouse for views back down the bluffs. And there are trails that lead into coastal forests and to pristine sandy beaches.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse trail intersects with the Oregon Coast Trail, a rambling 382-mile route along the coastline. Spring through fall are the best times for hiking explorations around the rocky headlands.

Summer Glory

Blue skies, soft winds and the shining sea! Walk barefoot along the beach below the Heceta Head Lighthouse. This singularly beautiful beach is an Oregon State Park. Cape Creek flows along the south side merging fresh water with the salty ocean. Look up and you see the historic bridge above where the road plunges into a tunnel. At your feet, tide pools and rocks invite exploring. Look to the north end of the beach to  see the gleaming white lighthouse ornamenting the cliffs. You can't beat the summer!

October Haunts

Heceta Head Light House has its own ghost stories! Local lore tells of "Rue" a ghost who keeps the bed and breakfast's attic tidy and makes benign appearances to guest rooms to move things around or just let her presence be felt. If you are seeking a little Halloween intrigue, come spend the night!

When the ocean winds whip around the house, the fog rolls in to cover the moon and challenge the lighthouse's beam and you hear the historic home's timbers settle with creaks and groans, then — ghost or no ghost — you too will feel shivers up your spine.

Visit Florence, Oregon

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is close to other fun coastal activities. Combine your visit with horseback riding on the beach. Or cruise Oregon's majestic sand dunes by dune buggy or sandboard. Stay near Historic Old Town Florence and romp with the kids on the dunes or hang out on the Siuslaw River docks to watching the fishing boats come in. Visit Florence's fantastic military museum or take a tour of their public art throughout town. 

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