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Top Things to See in TrackTown

Published: August 01, 2022


When track and field fans and athletes visit Eugene these are the places that make the ultimate TrackTown USA experience. 

1. & 2. Hayward Field & Hayward Hall

Eugene is the heart and home of track and field, and that heartbeat reverberates from Hayward Field itself. Cheer on the competitors striving to be champions; pay tribute to Bill Bowerman's bronze likeness watching the action with his stopwatch; and explore Hayward Hall's museum of track history with artistic and interactive exhibits.

Bill Bowerman at Hayward Field 2021

Bill Bowerman at Hayward Field

Photo: Jake Willard/TrackTown USA

3. & 4. Pre's Rock & Pre's Trail

It's the tradition of locals and athletes to visit Pre's Rock where a memorial to this great runner has been erected. Many leave their race bibs, running shoes, medals or flowers. Follow up that pilgrimage with a jog on Pre's Trail that was completed in his honor, and to fulfill his vision, after his passing.

5. UO Campus

Tour the University of Oregon campus with its historic buildings, artworks, tree arboretum and significant social sites. Quintessential student experiences include popping into The Duck Store, a craft beer at Rennie's Landing and an ice cream cone at Prince Pucklers.

6. Nike Store

Nike's origin story is linked with Eugene-Springfield, so a visit to the Eugene's Nike Store is a must. While Nike's headquarters are located in Portland, they have a beautiful storefront in Eugene's Market District. While you are at Market Alley visiting the Nike Store, step into the alley to see the bronze statue of Steve Prefontaine temporarily on display here.

7. The Graduate

Keeping with their collegiate theme, The Graduate hotel in downtown Eugene is a "museum" of local sports heritage including generations of Nike shoes on display and other track and field tributes. The Trophy Room lounge serves up festive cocktails and food against a backdrop of waffle-iron textured walls in tribute to the first running shoe sole that Bill Bowerman created.

8. & 9. Run Hub Northwest & Eugene Running Company

Local running stores are social hubs for passionate runners. Both Run Hub Northwest and the Eugene Running Company are owned by local, lifelong runners passionately commitment to Eugene's running community. Along with shopping, join in group runs, sign up for coaching and get informed tips on gear and trails.

10. Track Town Pizza

Load up on cheesy deliciousness at this college hangout that has been a campus-area favorite for decades. Track Town Pizza has a collection of local sports memorabilia, names their pizzas after track events and is a popular family and student destination. They also deliver!

11. - 19. Local Running Trails 

Eugene is crisscrossed with many running trails. From level to steep inclines, from wood chips to paved pathways, there are many places to run, hike or walk. Eugene's signature paths are, of course, Pre's Trail, and the hike up Spencer Butte. Oregon Track Club has a handy runner's map (available with a PDF download) that details trail surface and mileage. And if you are here for the Butte to Butte in early July, register for a run right down the middle of the city's main corridors.

20. - 29. Oregon22 Heritage Trail

Oregon has been home to an outstanding collection of internationally medalling track and field athletes, and 22 of them are honored for their achievements across the state on the Oregon22 Heritage Trail. Visit the communities where they grew up, lived, trained or retired to on a road trip around the state. Or visit the plaques on display locally!

Pay tribute to the track and field global medal winners whose hearts found their home in the… More Info
Author: Taj Barnhart Morgan

Taj Barnhart Morgan is the Director of Content Strategy for Travel Lane County. A journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, Taj has two decades of special event management and hospitality marketing experience in San Diego, CA and Maui, HI. Passionate about mothering, and back to her Oregon roots, she is discovering the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region all over again through the eyes of her daughter.