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Splash Around Safely - Tips for Water Fun

Playing in the water can be the best part of summer — and Oregon's got plenty of the wet stuff! From lake shores to shady creeks, there are wonderful inviting places to cool off and feel good. But it's not fun if somebody gets hurt. So please take care of yourself and those around you with a few…

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2023 Eugene Summer Concert Guide

Eugene may be a small city compared to Portland but it holds its own in the live music scene. Some of Oregon's favorite music venues are in Eugene and those concert halls host some pretty big headliners. Plenty of Eugene music lovers have stories of the time they saw an unexpected band play a cozy…

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Father's Day Top Ten Things To Do

Ready for some fun with Dad on Fathers' Day? Here are ten ideas to celebrate his awesomeness in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region! SaveSave 1. Host a Classic BBQ Fire up that backyard grill, but make it extra special this time. Instead of a packet of hot dogs, pick up some local, hand-cut steaks…

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Cycling McKenzie Pass Hwy 242

In past years, cyclists and pedestrians have accessed Highway 242 prior to the road re-opening to cars in mid-June. This is part of the well-known summer-based "McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway" and it is a beloved bucket list ride. And each year this shoulder season has been an eagerly anticipated time…

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Spring Wildflowers

Wildflowers are one of the many splendid delights of springtime. As you trek gloriously muddy hiking trails to gushing waterfalls, keep a look out for the region's beautiful blooms. Wildflower Season The wildflower season is heralded by wild daffodils as they spring up alongside country roads and…

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Things to Do with Mom on Mother's Day

Looking for a little Mother's Day inspiration? Here is a list of five special things you can do in and around Eugene with your mom. 1. Take a train tour Amtrak is offering a special Mother's Day discount. Trains aren't just for the kids! Relax by the window for an easy, scenic sightseeing trip…

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Rhododendrons in Full Bloom at Hendricks Park

Roam the twelve-acre rhododendron garden in Hendricks Park at the height of the season between April and May (blooms may span February to June). Towering Rhododendron plants, surrounded by walls of Douglas-fir trees show off dazzling displays of color in the springtime sun. Just minutes away from…

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The Farmers Markets Are Open

Eugene's long and bountiful outdoor market season is back! Farmers markets are a great place to shop for fresh veggies, fruit, eggs and grass-fed meats. In April and May, the markets start to open with early root vegetables, onions, spring greens, and preserved fruits and berries. By June there are…

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Top Hotel Picks for Valentine's Day

Our chefs, winemakers, and chocolatiers are spicing it up this week in preparation for Valentine’s Day. February 14th is also Oregon's birthday, so raise a glass to our beautiful state while you are celebrating with your sweetheart. Here is a guide to our favorite places to spend the most romantic…

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Whale Watching at Sea Lion Caves
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