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Top Things to Do This Summer

Published: July 30, 2022


Summertime in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region is a glorious time of year. From Oregon's sun-streaked beaches to the cool Cascades, nature invites you outside. The weather ranges from hot and balmy to comfortably cool. Daylight stretches out, starting early with rosy hues in the east and concluding with vibrant after-dinner sunsets over the ocean.

Summer Road Trips

There is so much to see across the region. Whether you rent an RV, drive your own car or take public transit, exploring is full of surprises and delights! Plan ahead, bring supplies with you and enjoy the journey.

Spencer Butte
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Mountain Retreats

Get away from it all with immersion in the beautiful old growth forests of the Cascades. Along the banks of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers rediscover the joy of nature while fishing, rafting or picnicking. Hike to a waterfall, mountain bike a single-track trail, ride horses or an ATV through a remote pasture. Paddle across a mountain lake or look for wildflowers, mushrooms or birds.

Shooting the McKenzie River rapids with TnT Whitewater Rafting
Raft the crystal clear river, fish for steelhead or soak in the hot springs.… More Info
Greenwaters Park Oakridge by Melanie Griffin
Charge world class mountain biking trails, hunt for mushrooms or ski the slopes.… More Info
Docks on a lake with the sun rising over the mountains in the distance.
Get out on the water at one of three magnificent lakes.… More Info

Cool Off on the Coast

Everybody loves to head to the coast for a reset. From thrilling adventures on the sand dunes to exploring Historic Old Town Florence to serene walks on an empty beach, the much-needed experience is there for you. With so much to do on the Oregon Coast, you'll want to extend your stay or come back several times.

Heceta Head Lighthouse by Melanie Griffin
A historic riverfront town bustling with restaurants and shops.… More Info
Dune Buggies on the Oregon Coast by Taylor Higgins
Your portal to Oregon's massive sand dunes.… More Info

Summer Water Adventures

Sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, paddle boarding and wakeboarding adventures are within fifteen minutes of the Eugene - Springfield metro area. Kayak across Waldo Lake, one of the clearest lakes in the world. Pools and water parks also offer refreshing destinations on warm days. For the adventure seeker, whitewater rafting offers thrills.

Playing in the water can be the best part of summer — and Oregon's got plenty of the wet stuff!… More Info

Local Food, Farm Tours, U-Picks & Markets 

Tour an alpaca farm or stay overnight on a working farm and lend a hand feeding livestock or weeding a garden. Fill a basket with strawberries, blueberries or peaches at a "u-pick" farm or just stroll the flowery paths of rhododendron and rose gardens. From lavender to hazelnuts, agricultural destinations are humming with activity.

Live Music & Entertainment

Entertainment is back! From the Hult Center for the Performing Arts to our region's standout community theatre, find plenty of shows and music on stage. Listen to live music at the wineries, pubs, coffeehouses, markets and festivals all summer long. Movies and Shakespeare are back in the parks and world class sports are in our stadiums.

Bass player at a live concert at Sessions Music Hall
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Author: Taj Barnhart Morgan

Taj Barnhart Morgan is the Director of Content Strategy for Travel Lane County. A journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, Taj has two decades of special event management and hospitality marketing experience in San Diego, CA and Maui, HI. Passionate about mothering, and back to her Oregon roots, she is discovering the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region all over again through the eyes of her daughter.