It feels good to get outside! Spring brings clear and sunny weather mixed with clouds and rain – and the occasional warm, sunny days that hint at the glorious summer that will come. March, April and May are a wonderful time to explore the region's natural and agricultural landscapes. 

Here are our top suggestions for things to do in spring!

Spring Road Trips

Cruise the back country roads to see spring casting its misty green veil across the local farms. Follow the South Willamette Valley Food Trail to see where the region's food is locally sourced. Along the way, discover freshly baked bread made from grain milled in Junction City, and honey gathered from bees feasting on our local wildflowers. Book a weekend getaway in wine country, in the mountains or on the coast — wherever your wheels roll!

Spring Holidays & Event Happenings

Delightful reasons to celebrate pop up all season long — from Mother's Day to Memorial Day. Keep tabs on joyful occasions with new ideas and inspirations. Create new traditions and find new ways to enjoy your favorite activities. 

Romp on the Beach

Just an hour west of Eugene, the Oregon Coast awaits with the promise of wide-open beaches, salty breezes and dramatic vistas. Watch for whales migrating south.

Play in the Rain 

It may occasionally be wet out there, but that has never stopped anyone from Oregon from enjoying this amazing place. All you need is the right layers, rain boots and a positive outlook.

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Hunt for Spring Blooms

Discover spring wildflowers! The Willamette Valley is lush and green, blessed with budding flowers in area wetlands, parks and forests. Look for local flowering favorites including daffodils (the first bloom beginning in March), rhododendrons, cherry blossoms, wild iris and camas. As warmer months continue, flowering trees and plants burst into bloom at higher elevations. By mid-summer, mountain hikes will also include bright bursts of color.

Hike & Ramble Outdoors

Notice the spring in your step as you venture out to the region's hiking trails, bike paths or golf courses. Nature is waking up everywhere, which makes spring birding particularly rewarding. Fern Ridge Reservoir is a popular birding destination, with a diversity of habitats from marsh to grasslands to woodlands. So is Oakridge, up in the mountains.

From coastal lakes to rushing rivers in the Cascade Mountains, springtime fishing is promising. The shallow waters are warming up, insects are hatching, weather conditions are gentler on anglers and the fish are on the move. Cast out your line for trout, Spring Chinook and Steelhead. Local outfitters can provide gear and instruction and even take you to their favorite spots.

If you are driving along the coastal highway, keep a look out over the ocean because the whales are migrating. This is the prime season for whale watching from scenic coastal viewpoints. Pack along a picnic!